Courtyard Marriott Launches 10 Day Raj Cuisine of India Food Fest

Raj Cuisine Of India
Chef Ravinder Panwar Displaying One Of The Dish

The Festival To Present Unheard Dishes Of Indian Cuisines of British Era

Bhopal, 8 February 2017: Have you ever heard of dishes like Kedegeree, Jhalprezi, Dak Bungalow Murghi Roast, Railway Lamb Curry, Nigella Potatoes and Dhal Churchurree? If not you should head to MoMo Café at Courtyard Marriott where you can relish these and many more spicy dishes of British era at 10 day Raj Cuisine of India food festival beginning from 9 February between 7.30 to 11 pm. This never before food festival will take city food lovers to rich culinary journey of Indian cuisine.

Ravinder Panwar, Executive Chef, while talking to the media here on Wednesday said “The Raj Cuisine of India food festival is all about spicy Indian food that was cooked and tasted so good to the Britishers that they not only became obsessed with but also made it part of their menu. The Khansammas used a little different ingredients such as butter instead of oil and ghee, braising process instead of fry and charcoal grill instead of electric grill to prepare dishes.”

Chef Ravinder said every cuisine to be served during the festival will have a great story to tell. The typical dishes of Raj cuisine include Kedgeree, Mulligatawny Soup, Jhalphrezi, Nigella Potatoes, Lady Finger with Pickled Mango, Butter Jeera Potato, Steam Roller Chicken, Indian Masala Omelet, Mustard Fried Fish, Dak Bungalow Murghi Roast, Railway Lamb Curry, Chingri Samosa, Country Captain Chicken, Madras Club Korma, Dhal Churchurree, Ginger Soufflé, Bombay Custard.

Giving an example of Dak Bungalow Murghi Roast Chef Ravinder said “Historically this cuisine is said to have been prepared in the dak bungalows or the resting houses of Calcutta where the British government officials rested during their hunting expedition or during a night stay on between journeys. This cuisine was made using readily available ingredients by the khansamas or chefs as they are known today.”

He said one can begin his dinner with Muligatawny soup. The spicy, tangy soup takes its name from Milagu (pepper) and Thanni (water). A great appetiser, it can be rightly dubbed a close cousin of ‘Rasam’ – a south Indian soup made of tomatoes and cumin powder.

Talking about cooking method Chef Ravinder said that we will be extensively using tandoor as tandoori dishes taste exceptionally good because the meats are grilled in a charcoal oven and not on an electric grill.

Another attraction of the food fest would be main course dish Madras Club House Chicken, a spicy chicken curry with onions, tomato and masala, and Chicken Tikka Masala, the most popular Indian dish in the UK.


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