Costa Coffee welcomes summer season with exciting new range of Frappe

Costa Coffee

India, April 14, 2022: With the weather heating up, Costa Coffee, the world’s second-largest coffee chain, managed and operated by Devyani International Limited (DIL) in India is whipping up a delicious cold coffee range of Frappe drinks to keep you seriously cool this summer.  The new range of Frappe elevates the existing cold coffee Frostino range in a refreshing new makeover that promises excitement, playfulness and indulgent flavours for a perfect summer treat. Available in 7 delicious flavours and vibrant colours, each Frappe comes with a personality of its own to suit all summery moods of our coffee fans – Smooth, Bubbly, Dreamy, Serene, Romantic, Charming, and Delightful.

While Smooth Creamy Coffee, Delightful Classic Coffee and Dreamy Choco Fudge Brownie, Charming Hazelnut Chocolate elevate existing popular flavours for the coffee lovers, the Bubbly Mango Bobba and Romantic Strawberry & Cream are crafted for those looking for a true taste of summer. With fresh twists on traditional flavours, there is a Frappe flavour guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling.

Mr. Sundeep Chugh, Chief Executive Officer, Costa Coffee India at Devyani International Limited said, “Our exciting new Frappe drinks are inspired from the customers’ need for rich and indulgent flavours with coffee in modernized formats. Given the overwhelming response from our coffee fans for our cold coffee range, the new Frappe identity with the bold new look promises to elevate the experience of anyone looking for a mood enhancing indulgent treat. We look forward to attracting and engaging a new, younger generation of Costa Coffee lovers to the brand while bolstering our core cold coffee range.”

Meet the All-new Frappe Menu

  • Smooth Creamy Coffee: The Smooth Frappé is Costa’s humble original,
    the lifelong friend you can always rely on. Like a velvety, soft comfort blanket. Soothing, immaculate vibes, some might say. It’s a pick-me-up that’s never going to let you down.
  • Bubbly Mango Bubble Cream: Bubbly Frappé is a sensation. It’s bright, bold, and bursting with feel-good energy. Just being around it makes you smile and leaves you feeling joyful and a little bit lighter.
  • Dreamy Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Dreamy Frappé has its head in the fudgy, crumbly brownie clouds. Choc-full of fantastical ideas, oozing with imagination and delighting in decadence.
  • Serene Caramel: The Serene Frappé is a heavenly being; it’s sweet in flavor and composed in personality. This glistening frappé has a liquid gold halo that shines brightly wherever it goes. So hard to resist; it’s on everyone’s wish list.
  • Romantic Strawberry & Cream: The Romantic Frappé is always falling in love and always fallen for. Softly spoken with a swirl of fruitiness under the surface, it also has a thirst for juicy gossip. This harmonious frappé has heart eyes for everyone, and, boy, is it reciprocated!
  • Delightful Classic Coffee: Delightful Frappé is chill and fun side of coffee. With its refreshing, unique and playful attitude, it manages to be the centre of attention in the coolest way.
  • Charming Hazelnut Vanilla: The Charming Frappé is a real sweet-talker. In fact, you’ll probably feel like you’ve met before. It’s a little bit nutty, a little bit lovable and oh so smooooth.
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The Frappe range is available on all Costa Coffee dine-in outlets and can also be ordered on delivery through Swiggy and Zomato.