Coronavirus: Health workers’ army to be trained to deliver Covid vaccine


The government plans to train up an army of health professionals to be ready to give the coronavirus vaccine, if and when one is shown to work. This could include pharmacists, who already deliver flu vaccines, midwives and physiotherapists. The proposals come amid fears that, if a safe and effective vaccine became available now, there wouldn't be enough people to administer it. But a vaccine is not expected to be ready before Christmas. Although the chances of having a vaccine this year are considered to be small, preparations are being made so that if one is ready, it can be given to a large number of people very quickly. Proposals, which are being considered in a three-week consultation, are designed to cut red tape and prevent any delays between a vaccine being found and then given to the UK population. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said this could include training a wider range of existing NHS staff, as well as student doctors and nurses. It might also involve training other professionals, including dentists and vets.

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