Congress likely to be evicted from its three Lutyen’s Delhi bungalows


The housing ministry has moved a note before the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation (CCA) to evict the Congress party from three out of its four Lutyen’s Delhi properties,

The three properties in New Delhi which are set to be evicted are 26 Akbar Road, where the Seva Dal office is situated; 5 Raisina Road, where the Indian Youth Congress office is and CII/109 Chanakyapuri.

The fourth, the Congress headquarters, situated on 24 Akbar Road, is set to be vacated in October. This has been the Congress headquarters since 1976.

Three years after the Directorate of Estates under the former urban development ministry served notices which cancelled the allotment of the four Congress properties, the move of evicting the party will be carried out now.

As per the rules, a party is allowed to use a government accommodation only for three years. In that period, the party is expected to construct their own office and vacate the premises.

The Congress was given land for building at 9-A Rouse Avenue in June 2010 and was actually required to vacate the four properties by June 2013. Since the building plan in Rouse Avenue was not sanctioned, Congress had requested for an extension.

“We have a representation which says that L&DO has given time till October 2018 to complete the office. So they have sought that time to continue on all four properties. But this would be acceded only for 24 Akbar Road headquarters. The other three would have to be vacated when CCA takes a decision,” sources told the paper.

After the 2015 notice, Congress was not charged rent as the party said that should be charged a special licence fee and not the market rent rate. The issue of the non-payment of rent is set to be addressed. Sources told the paper that the a special licence should be charged on the three properties which are set to be vacated.moneycontrol