CM’s open invitation to farmers for discussion

INDORE, INDIA - DECEMBER 19: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at inaugural session of BJP training campaign on December 19, 2016 in Indore, India. The training programme is seen as groundwork by BJP in arming its party leaders with ways to utilise people-centric initiatives by the centre and state government in moving masses in its favour. (Photo by Shankar Mourya/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given open invitation to farmers for discussion. He will be available at BHEL Dussehra ground from 11 am of June 10. In a touching appeal to the farmers the Chief Minister urged the farmers to postpone the agitation and said he would be on fast to bring back peace.

Moved by the suffering of the people Chief Minister Chouhan said that he will be in fast for peace. The Chief Minister was talking to the press at his residence.

Main points of discussion

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to the agitating farmers to postpone the agitation.

He has given an open invitation to the farmers for discussion to maintain peace.

CM will be available at the BHEL Dussehra Ground Bhopal from 11 am of June 10.

CM said that law and order system was above all. No compromise will be made with the security of the public.

The circumstances that have been created are not right. Those who have handed stones in the hands of children have not done the right thing.

Anti-social elements will be sternly dealt with.

Government will follow rajdharma to protect the people.

Chouhan said that the government has made arrangements of power and irrigation and for loans to farmers on zero per cent first and later on 10 percent.

Bumper production has resulted due to government’s policies.

Bumper production has resulted in fall in crop prices.

Government has understood the farmers’ woes owing to the circumstances created in the past days.

Government has purchased wheat, paddy on support price.

Onions have been purchased at Rs 8 per kg.

Tuar will be purchased at Rs 5,050 per quintal.

Summer Moong will be purchased at Rs 5,225 per quintal from June 10.

Urad will also be purchased on support price from June 10.

Payment is being made through RTGS and not by cheque.

It has been decided to change the system of giving loans separately for Rabi and Kharif crops.

Farmers can now take loan for both crops.

To avoid creation of such circumstances in future, a stabilization cell will be constituted with Rs 1,000 crores so that if need arises farmers can get the right price for their crop.

The production cost of crops is fixed at the all India level. To make it state level, Krishi Lagat and Vipanan Ayog will be constituted. This will help farmers to get beneficial price.

There is arrangement to return Rs 90 against a loan of Rs 100 for fertilizers and seeds. Government will implement Samadhan Yojana to those farmers who have been left out under this net.

CM’s focus for the last 11 and a half years has been on the development of people and farmers’ welfare.

Have taken significant steps for farmers’ welfare.

Whenever farmers have been in trouble the CM has reached them and worked for their welfare.

Whatever has not been done for farmers’ welfare anywhere till now has been done in Madhya Pradesh.

When the Soyabean crop was affected, farmers were given Rs 4, 400 crore relief and Rs 4,800 crore insurance fund.