China’s New Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center to Launch ‘Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking’ and Calls on Candidates From Around the World


The Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center was born out of the recent Global Blockchain Value and Application Seminar.

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updated: May 26, 2020 10:00 EDT

Unifive Technology Group is pleased to announce that the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center was recently launched in the Science and Technology Innovation Center, located in the Shanghai Bay area. The center launched as an initiative out of the Global Blockchain Value and Application Seminar held on May 22, which brought together experts in the field.

The seminar was co-sponsored by the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Development Research Foundation, Shanghai Bay Area Tech Innovation Management Committee, China Internet Industry Chamber of Commerce Agricultural Internet Branch, and Unifive Technology Group. Sun Yinliang, director of the Shanghai Bay District Management Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanyang Town in Shanghai Jinshan District and Cao Xianfeng, executive deputy director of the Shanghai Bay District Management Committee and mayor of Shanyang Town in Shanghai Jinshan District attended the seminar.

Experts, blockchain economists, and brand experts from well-known university blockchain laboratories, as well as representative public chain founders and entrepreneurs, discussed the impact of blockchain technology in value and application on future society, developing trends, and future market opportunities including technology, application, ecology, innovation, carrying and influence.

Currently, the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center has employed its first 16 experts including: Zheng Yannong from the Development Research Center of the State Council and former secretary-general of World Development Institute; Qiao Yide, vice chairman and secretary-general of Shanghai Development Research Foundation; Wu Yunda, party committee member and deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University; Wang Yingjie, chairman of the Agricultural Internet Branch of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce; Ning Zhong, professor of the School of Management at Fudan University; Li Jiang, science and technology expert and former CTO of Microsoft China; Keith Chan, community director of Greater China; Chu Jiahai, UCOT co-founder and executive director of China-Australia Blockchain Association; Xian Junxing, head of the Deloitte Asia-Pacific Blockchain Lab and a partner in financial technology; Gao Chengshi who holds a Ph.D. in cryptography; Shi Xingguo, founder of the superblock chain and inventor of the global parallel chain technology; Wang Yingshuai, head of China’s blockchain future talent development program under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China; Dr. Hou Longfeng who holds a Ph.D. in energy data mining from French National Lyon School of Applied Sciences; Tian Li, the former chairman of Shanghai Watch; Lu Rong, former senior vice president of Asia Pacific for Honeywell; and Wang Xiaomeng, founder of the Yoo Ecology Group.

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“We are pleased to bring all of these experts together at the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center,” said Jingnan Li, CEO of Unifive Technology Group. “The seminar that launched this great initiative is aimed at the explorers, and institutes and organizations that gather in the blockchain world to develop paths. In the future, every valuable blockchain will be more widely recognized and applied, and blockchain technology will also truly empower more manufacturing companies, thereby creating a high-quality ecological environment that meets both manufacturing and financial technology standards and ultimately promotes the positive and healthy development of the entire fintech industry.”

Going forward, the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center will launch a “Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking” twice a month. The first list will be selected from 20 candidate blockchains, including public chains, alliance chains, and private chains, and released globally on June 22, 2020. As part of the evaluation criteria, experts adopted the blockchain evaluation index system, which includes an evaluation of technology, innovation, application, carrying, ecology, and influence and ranks candidates on a scale from A to D and 12 levels from A+ to D-.

Those wishing to be future candidates should contact

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