Centre makes payments worth over Rs 1 Lakh crore under DBT in FY18 so far


The government has made payments of more than Rs 1 lakh crore to people through Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) scheme in this financial year. DBT has helped the central government save close to Rs 75,000 crore since 2014.

According to an Economic Times report, these savings mean that Rs 75,000 crore was passed on as benefits to 63 crore people, as against 35 crore people last year. This was money handed over to the consumers without being pocketed by middlemen or duplication.

The scheme benefitted only 10 crore people when the Modi government took over in 2014.

The amount of payout through DBT was at Rs 1,00,144 crore on Wednesday, up from Rs 74,707 crore in 2016-17 and Rs 7,367 crore in 2013-14. A senior government official told the Times that the final figure could even reach as high as Rs 1.2 lakh crore for this year. That’s a 60% increase over the previous year.

The figure was opposed by the others, which includes the opposition and activists, to be an inflated sum.

Of the 142 central schemes covered under the DBT in the previous financial year, there are currently 450 programmes that exist. The government hopes to bring the rest of the schemes under the ambit of the DBT by March.

It was seen that Rs 20,610 crore was paid as LPG subsidy, Rs 10,042 crore under various scholarship schemes for education and Rs 5,831 crore through the National Social Assistance Programme The MGNREGS is seen to be the biggest beneficiary of this scheme in this financial year, which was Rs 28,623 crore, while Rs 34,917 crore was provided under other schemes.moneycontrol