Operating beyond the ‘now’ has always been at the forefront for Teleperformance: MV Prasanth


    Businessfortnight had an interview with MV Prasanth, Chief Operating Officer at Teleperformance India. Commenting on the success of the company’s Cloud Campus and what it has in store for its employees and clients following its first
    anniversary, MV Prasant shared his views.

    Here is a full insight to an interview:

    What was the motive behind launching Teleperformance Cloud Campus (TPCC) and would you like to brief more about it?

    With people being at the core of Teleperformance, we anticipated employees and clients would have a growing preference for a cloud-first approach in a post-pandemic world. When designing an alternative remote working model, we wanted to prioritise consistent experiences for all stakeholders alike and deliver the best customer experience with socially connected teams

    Teleperformance Cloud Campus is the global virtual workforce platform that delivers borderless customer experience. It has grown to facilitate a fully integrated digital recruitment, onboarding, training and engagement of workforce for both domestic clients across India and on an international scale. By recreating the office environment, we can ensure a seamless experience for customers along with maintaining a level of social interactions and connect through cloud shoring.

    While we have geographically dispersed teams in over 55 cities in India, we have Teleperformance Hubs in major locations like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur and Mohali which centrally govern the functional aspects of delivering seamless, omnichannel CX. Teleperformance in India continues to break new ground in serving our clients — we ensure
    that our clients can rely on home-based customer service experts without worrying about data security issues, office infrastructure and sourcing the right talent.

    How TPCC panned out and where do you see the growth prospects?

    By facilitating ‘Anytime Anywhere’ working opportunities through Teleperformance Cloud Campus, we have successfully hired people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This worked as a way to enrich our diverse workforce and offer equal opportunities to all irrespective of location, colour, caste, gender and personal preferences. As a result, in a matter of a year, our client
    numbers grew exponentially as we went from 3 clients in August 2020 on Cloud Campus to over 50 clients at present. The continued growth and success of the TPCC will come from the best-in-class training and onboarding we provide to our talent, who keep our clients satisfied wherever they may be.

    With more than 15,000 people’s strong workforce on Cloud Campus, we are cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce that can deliver ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ customer services. Undoubtedly, the trend is on the rise, and cloud Campus operations are flourishing.

    At a time of coronavirus pandemic, how do you see Teleperformance Business has unfolded over the last 1.5 years?

    Although the BPO industry remained relatively immune to disruption during the COVID crisis, there is still a need to meet the new expectations of becoming agile, resilient, and insights-driven for the wider business. In order to adapt to the changing workforce and seamlessly transition, Teleperformance has been focusing on accommodating the immediate and future
    needs of employees. We have been committed to driving change and innovation by developing a virtual floor with a permanent, open-line connection providing voice and video contact with the project team to recreate the office environment that offers zero-disruption services.

    We also offer split-shifts to employees and juggle distributed operations in times of crisis to give flexibility to our teams and keep employee safety and client satisfaction as our topmost priority. No surprises, as pioneers in Cloud technology and widely known for its people-focus approach. Teleperformance in India is eight times certified as Great Place to Work.

    Which aspects do companies, in general, need to consider when operating in the customer management sector? And, how do you overcome any roadblocks?

    The key to succeeding in the customer management sector is efficiently balancing resources between technology and people, or Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. Teleperformance’s ‘High-Tech, High-Touch’ approach is based on using Data Analytics and Intelligent Automation to enhance the customer experience and create a lasting impression with human empathy. A company’s top priority should be reducing customer effort intending to retain customer loyalty. We believe that to overcome any roadblocks, organisations must invest in their human capabilities consistently as customer expectations only ever increase.

    Technology has been evolving rapidly with many industries employing new tech offerings, where does Teleperformance stand on this front?

    For Teleperformance, operating beyond the ‘now’ has always been at the forefront of our corporate agenda. Therefore, we have always believed and invested in technology that accelerates digital transformation and will continue to implement digital tools and our TAP frameworks (Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence). We believe being able to adapt as
    markets, economic environments, and technology change are crucial.

    The pandemic has changed the way people work and has increased our client’s appetite for digital transformation for their solutions. Teleperformance has not only managed to offer zero-disruption services but also helped clients in their journey of accelerated digital transformation.

    Is there any specific growth strategy that Teleperformance India has adopted or intends to adopt considering the current market situation?

    Our growth has always been grounded on our people-centric approach together with a desire to innovate ahead of the market changes. As we continue to do so, the focus at this time is staying ahead of the curve with a hybrid working model.
    Our motto is – Simpler, Safer, Faster and we are doing this by keeping our people safe and able to work productively and happily.

    In the recovery era, growth will be fuelled by ramping up digital solutions and assets whilst ensuring employees are being taught new skills and regularly trained to keep up with their personal development within our company.