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This is with reference to the SEBI Circular No. MRD/DoP/SE/Dep/Cir-14/2007 dated December 20, 2007 and subsequent notices issued by Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd. (ICCL) [an approved intermediary under the Securities Lending Scheme, 1997] in respect of the broad framework of the Securities Lending and Borrowing Scheme (SLBS).


In this regard, the Market Wide Position Limits for each stock to be traded under SLBS pertaining to Clearing Member, Mutual Fund (MF), Institutional Investors, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) Category I & II and Client for the month of April 2020, as prescribed by SEBI vide their above mentioned circular is attached as Annexure I.

In case any clarification is required, members may contact any of the following officials:


Sr. No.


Contact No.


Mr. Basappa Kagganagi

2272 8614


Mr. Rahul Agrawal

2272 8811


For Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.




Dilip Kakwani

General Manager


April 01, 2020


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