Brandon Zemp Pushes Blockchain Adoption With ‘The BlockHash Podcast’


Brandon Zemp Pushes Blockchain Adoption With ‘The BlockHash Podcast’

As the 2020 year shapes up to be a big one for the blockchain community, there still exists a large gap in general understanding and education around this exciting new industry for the average person. 

Brandon Zemp is looking to push growth even further with the BlockHash Podcast. He has been hosting for almost a year now and has been scheduling a new guest speaker from the blockchain community every single week! Brandon is hoping to push the narrative in 2020 and drive more conversations about Blockchain, Fintech, DeFi, and Cryptocurrency.

Some of his prior guests include:

  1. Sergei Nossoff – CEO of Teslasuit​
  2. ​Leemon BairdFounder of Hedera Hashgraph
  3. Galen WolfeCEO of Urbit
  4. Bradley MilesCEO of Roll
  5. Daniel Gouldman – CEO of Ternio
  6. Ken KrugerCEO of Moon
  7. Alex Adelman – CEO of Lolli
  8. Renee WangCEO of Castbox
  9. Devin Finzer – CEO of OpenSea
  10. Samantha Radocchia – Author of “Bitcoin Pizza”
  11. Michigan State University
  12. Portland State University

And many others!

The BlockHash Podcast is one of the top podcasts covering fintech, recently named to the Best Blockchain Podcasts in January 2020 by PlayerFM. The podcast also has a 5-star review rating and is available on every major platform:

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