What Manufacturers and Companies Can Do to Protect the Environment

environment protection

In recent years, people and enterprises are coming together to reduce the effects of climate change around the globe. Manufacturers and companies are implementing sustainable programs to assist in the mission of protecting the environment. For many years, world countries, including the United States and India, are using recycling and upcycling methods to reduce waste in landfills. Corrugated boxes are the most frequent recycled product of all products removed from those landfills.

An example of a company participating in a recycling program is Custom Boxes Now, a manufacturer and distributor of personalized shipping products. Its sustainable program helps to protect the environment and save our trees in forests and other parts of the earth. Their brown boxes are manufactured with anywhere from 60% to 95% post-consumer waste, and all their boxes are recyclable.

How Businesses Are Coming Together to Promote Energy Sustainability

Entities who manufacture paper goods can do several things to protect the environment. Although customer service is essential for most businesses, having an implemented sustainable program is just as important in the world. For packaging, storing, and moving, use eco-friendly corrugated boxes that are 100% recyclable. Most city governments have programs for companies and households to separate plastic and paper items from garbage for recycling.

What India is Doing to Protect the Environment

In India, entrepreneurs are using upcycling and recycling to make use of waste materials. In urban locations of the country, they are re-purposing old clothes and fabrics to produce designer garments and household accessories. Upcycling is a method used for making new items out of original products, such as clothing and cloth materials. Seamstresses collect previously worn garments to produce new apparel.

Upcycling and recycling are helpful in protecting the environment and making use of old items to make new products that are environmentally friendly and safe. In January 2017, the Down to Earth Magazine reported urban areas in India produced 62 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) each year. Of that amount, 31 million tons came from landfills.

For centuries, women used old clothes to make quilts, jackets, pillows, and other household items. The tradition continues today with sophisticated ways of recycling other materials, including glass, plastic, wood, paper, and cardboard boxes. The purpose of upcycling and recycling is to help protect the environment and preserve our natural resources.

Environmental Efforts in the US

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency showed corrugated boxes are the most frequently recycled products. Discarded products make up most municipal solid waste. In 2017, MSW amounted to 80.1 million tons, a substantial amount compared to India. During the same year, the recycling rate of containers and packaging was 50.1 percent. Companies and manufacturers reproduce those products for shipping, storing, moving, and protecting manufactured items, including electronics and food, for example.

Why Recycle Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes were the largest thrown away product in MSW in 2017, based on the report by EPA. It is the greatest product of recycled paper, containers, and packaging. Nearly 29 million tons of corrugated boxes received recycling out of 30 million tons of paper and cardboard. Recycling continues to be an environmentally protective way for reproducing paper packaging. It helps to reduce the company’s costs in labor and manufacturing, especially in purchasing raw materials.

Recycled materials conserve energy and preserve natural resources by helping to reduce pollution. The manufacturing of paper and cardboard using raw materials creates sulfur dioxide, a harmful toxin. It is the pulp removed from trees that cause acid rain, a pollutant that affects the atmosphere, rivers, and lakes. Recycled materials lower pollutants by a half percent compared to raw materials.

When citizens, companies, and large manufacturing corporations join forces in protecting the environment, it will have a huge impact on the environment. Paper fibers from corrugated boxes are strong and reusable, contributing to reducing the need for cutting down our trees. Some environmental scientists believe, based on facts and research, that removing trees from the earth is contributing to extreme climate change. Recycling and upcycling preserve natural resources in forests and benefit our rivers and lakes by preventing erosion and improving the quality of air. Select a company with a sustainable program to purchase your boxes and containers.