Malkansview becomes the only Indian company to get two 2 Comma Club awards


Malkansview, co-founded by power couple Vishal and Meghana Malkan, is the only Indian firm that won two 2 Comma Club awards.

What is the 2 Comma Club award 

ClickFunnels is the fastest growing, non-VC-backed, tech-startup in the world. They have grown from zero to $100 million in merely 3 years. This company instituted the ‘2 Comma Club’ for those who have generated a minimum of $1 million in revenue through the use of Clickfunnels. It is a popular, easier and focussed software to engage with customers, rather than building the traditional website.

Malkansview — the only Indian firm to bag TWO of these awards

Vishal and Meghana’s firm Malkansview is a training institute that simplifies the stock market for the common man. It also guides and trains them to take up trading as a hobby or a full-time career.

Bagging the 2 Comma awards mean Malkansview has managed to earn $1 million dollars in the last one and a half year through a single funnel – in this case coaching several thousands of people on the possibilities of taking up stock trading through technical analysis. They have won two such awards.

Vishal Malkan says, “I’ve learned from one of my coaches, that if I want to spread my message, I first have to make money, without which the message will not sustain. Our mission is to empower people to take control of their financial future.”

Adds Meghana, “Winning this award means more than just financial abundance. Since everything is streamlined now, I get more time with myself and my family. From a larger perspective, it helps me fulfil my purpose in life. This is something I always wanted to do — empower others to get financially independent the way I’ve become.”

After being awarded the Best Training Institute for Stock Trading & Investment Award by The Economic Times, their firm Malkansview has now hit a new milestone.

Vishal concludes, “It feels awesome to be the only Indian to bag two of these awards. As much as we feel elated, we also know we have a long way to go to become a global entity. We’re working towards it. One step at a time.”