Madhya Pradesh will establish global reputation by opening doors of prosperity with arts, culture: IIFA


The colourful world of Hindi cinema is considered as a reflection of the art, culture and literature of India. Film personalities once created the psyche that India’s glorious history and golden future should be underlined in every way around the world so that India’s credibility can be established in the world and this responsibility is entrusted to IIFA.

In the century 2000, the foundation of the award was laid in the city of London, United Kingdom. The event was so successful that the whole of Britain in one voice called India ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and it was also the first film to receive the Best Film Award.

Many countries expressed their interest in organizing IIFA with the eagerness of the London IIFA success. The second award function was held in Suncity, Africa. Then Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, Dubai, Thailand, Macau, Sri Lanka, US, Spain, Thailand, ie country by country, India’s fame spread worldwide.

The influx of IIFA is now in Madhya Pradesh

While the entire world has accepted historians, writers, artisans, artists, but still our state is struggling to establish its credibility. I want that now the identity of Madhya Pradesh is established in good context in the whole world. That is why I invited IIFA, says CM of MP Kamalnath. I am heartily grateful that IIFA accepted our hospitality despite invitations from many countries and states, as IIFA shapes its organization with governments only, whether it is from countries or states.

As soon as the dates of IIFA’s event were announced in Madhya Pradesh, most of the hotels in Indore were booked. The market started preparing for its business. The beauty of tourism in the state has increased. Event management students are also keen on the event. IIFA will also give certificates to the participating students, he added.