BJP Trying to Benefit from Shaheen Bagh, Says Kejriwal


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said the BJP was trying to benefit from the protest at Shaheen Bagh and if Home Minister Amit Shah wanted, he could get the route opened in “two minutes”. Speaking at News18 India’s Agenda Delhi, the Chief Minister said, “The road must be vacated. This issue is under the central government and I don’t know why it is not opening that road. They don’t want to open it. BJP is doing politics on this. Can’t believe a powerful home minister as Amit Shah can’t get that road opened. If the road is opened, there won’t be an issue left for them.”

A day after UP CM Yogi Adityanath attacked him and accused him of “supplying Biryani” to Shaheen Bagh protestors, Arvind Kejriwal said he doesn’t need BJP’s endorsement on being a Hindu. The Delhi Chief Minister also recited Hanuman Chalisa on the stage!

Confident of returning to power again he said that the next five years will be equally good as the past five years have been, adding that people have been happy with the AAP.  “Vote for AAP on the basis of development,” he says.

“Show me the door if I fail to deliver in the next five years,” he said, adding that schools in Delhi need more improvisation. On the purported video of Delhi schools in shambles released by the BJP, Kejriwal said that the BJP showed images of discarded schools. Recalling the incident when Amit Shah said he could not find a single CCTV camera in the capital, Kejriwal said that being the Home Minister, Amit Shah shouldn’t lie.

Recently, BJP also attached the AAP Government saying that they did not allow Ayushman Bharat implementation in Delhi. Responding to the allegation, Arvind Kejriwal said that under the Central Government’s scheme the insurance given through the Ayushman Bharat scheme has certain limitations. “If you have a scooter or a motorcycle, a cellphone or even an income more than INR 10,000, they would not be eligible for the scheme. On the other hands, Mohalla clinics are for everyone. We asked the Centre if we can implement both the schemes together but they (the Centre) denied our request. I cannot rollback a scheme which is benefitting the entire capital.”

Talking about PM Modi’s rally scheduled in the capital today, Arvind Kejriwal said, “I hope the Prime Minister highlights the programmes and plans they have for Delhi. I also wish he announces a few schemes for Delhi. Whichever schemes will benefit Delhi, we will implement them.”

“The Budget already shows that the BJP has accepted defeat in Delhi”, said Kejriwal adding that he was expecting some funds for Delhi’s transport and pollution.

The Delhi Chief Minister also commented on ways to address the current economic slowdown. He said, “Addressing the slowdown should be the first priority of the government. They should call an all-party meeting and a meeting with all the state chief ministers and should hold brainstorming sessions. I understand demand is low but supply is there. We should discuss and come out with ways to give money back to people to bolster demand in the country.”