CM Kamal Nath rejects to implement CAA in MP


Accusing the questionable Citizenship Amendment Act, Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath stated the new law was against the society, Constitution and religion and announced it would not be implemented in the state as long as Congress remained in power.

“Any law that is anti-people, anti-constitution, anti-society, anti-religion will not be implemented in Madhya Pradesh till Congress is in power,” said Nath after leading a march against the CAA in Bhopal.

The senior Congress leader cleared his stand on the legislation. Last week, he called the legislation a move to divert attention from the real issues and said he would follow the Congress high command when it comes to implementing it.

“Do Modi Ji and Amit Shah Ji think we are illiterate? We have read the legislation. We understand their niyat (intention). The question is not what is written but what is unwritten. The question is not how it will be used but how it will be misused,” Nath retorted when asked about PM’s comment that opposition chief ministers were not informed.

Nath said his party also wanted to implement the National Population Register (NPR), however, without the NRC’s association with it.

“Wo jo NPR le aaye, wo toh hum bhi chahte the, par uske sath koi NRC nahi juda tha. Jo ye jodkar la rahe hai ye inki niyat sabit karti hai! (We also wanted the NPR that they have brought, but there was no NRC associated with it. They are bringing it together, which has made their intentions clear),” PTI quoted Nath as saying after participating in the march.