Rahul Gandhi denied apologising for his ‘rape in India” comment 

Answering for his rape comments, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated he would never apologise and instead asked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should do so over an old video in which he claimed that Delhi had turned into a “rape capital” under the UPA dispensation.
“As far as their [BJP’s] demand for an apology, I am never going to apologise to them,” Mr. Gandhi told reporters outside Parliament.
He clarified his remark that triggered protests by the BJP in both Houses of Parliament.  He said he simply made a point that Mr Modi had been speaking about ‘Made in India’, but wherever one sees, it is “rape in India”, as rapes were happening all over.
He said the main issue today was that Mr. Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah had burnt the entire Northeast, adding that the BJP was diverting people’s attention by raising his ‘rape’ remarks.