‘Mixed Media Exploration’, a treat of expressive brush strokes & mixed media, in sync with soothing music, kick starts at Mahavir Sound Room!

Ms Supraja Rao, Gallerist & Interior Designer, Design House; flanked by (L-R) Mr Jaleel Sabir, CMD, Mahavir Sound Room & Mr Yashwant Jhabakh, Chairman of Mahavir Group; at the inauguration of the art exhibition, 'Mixed Media Exploration', hosted by Mahavir Sound Room & Rajeshwar Rao Art Gallery, today at Mahavir Sound Room, Madhapur. Curated by Ms Supraja Rao herself the exhibition brings together 20+ Indian contemporary and celebrity artists.

A unique art exhibition of exquisite and expressive brushstrokes and mixed media in sync with melodious and soothing background music, Mixed Media Exploration, was hosted by Ms Supraja Rao, city’s top interior designer and Principal Designer of Design House and Mahavir Sound Room, India’s best know Home Automation company, was inaugurated by Mr Yashwant Jhabakh, Chairman of Mahavir Group, on Thursday at the Mahavir Sound Room, Madhapur. The exhibition is open for Art lovers on December 7th and 8th, 2019, between 11.00 am and 7.00 pm.

Mixed Media Exploration, an absolute treat for connoisseurs of art and music, brings together twenty-plus Indian contemporary and celebrity artists including Vinod Daroz, Venkat Botha, Smriti Dixit, Janarthanan. R, Vinita Dasgupta, R Suresh Kumar, Alumu Kumaresan, Priya Sundaravalli, Sanket Viramgami, Shampa Shan, Shaila Nambiar, Hetal Chudasama and Jagadish Chinthala to name a few. Ms Supraja Rao curated Mixed Media Exploration, with some modern contemporary artworks. The show is a fine blend of the art practice of mixed media such as ceramics, wood, textiles, cotton, steel, marble, fibreglass, aluminium, besides being embellished by the various contemporary techniques, such as sound and video installation by artists Hetal Chudasama and Parvati Nayar.

As an Interior Designer and Gallerist, my vision is to create a beautiful space which is a medley of function, scale, materials, textures, colours, and Art has always been my go-to medium to uplift spaces and give them a distinctive voice. I believe, blending technology, design, and art is an art by itself. Modern high-end luxury homes display the designs and styles of renowned architects and also brands admired for their aesthetics. While the cutting edge design, including Sound engineering, transform spaces, art adds to it all by giving them life. In fact, art also influences the music played in a room, Says Ms Supraja Rao. Where Rajeshwar Rao Art Gallery differs as a gallery is, while art galleries are showcasing a lot of serious art, I think people are not yet ready for that kind of intellectual conversation, but our approach to art is different, we are looking at art curation as a service and reach out to people who are building homes and looking to make it a part of their life. What is very special in this collaboration is the art world was mainly revolving around painting and sculpture for ages, that has now moved to mixed media with sound and video installations being teamed worldwide off late in the exhibition, that is something unique about this exhibition. Another thing about this exhibition is, contemporary homes are asking for more than just flat paintings on the wall, so we have textiles, ceramics, wood, marble, steel as material, one artist has done garlic from marble, there is a Marlyn Monroe work and much more interesting works, a work of ceramic with liquid silver and liquid gold.

We see a great synergy between fine arts and music, both create a soothing impact and tranquillity. Hosting the works of some of the finest artists in the country at Mahavir Sound Room, is our way of paying tribute to them and their indelible creations, says Mr Yashwant Jhabakh. Art as a passion is fast picking up in Hyderabad too, while others Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, are way ahead. I am delighted that we at Mahavir have the privilege of hosting the works of some of the celeb artists. These artists are from across the country, most in Hyderabad wouldn’t have had an opportunity to see their works and this exhibition makes it possible.

Mr Jaleel Sabir, CMD, Mahavir Sound Room, said, at Mahavir Sound Room, we integrate and automate high-end luxury homes, most of our clients see a need to decorate their homes. By art coming to our studios, under one roof the customers are able to look at options to fashion their dwellings.

Mixed Media Exploration, has a special section dedicated to artist Jagadish Chinthala. In 1991 Jagdish was the first Indian to achieve the “Artist in Residence” at Lakeside Studio, Chicago. In the year 2016, he also won the National award from South Central Cultural Centre for 29th National Art Exhibition. The selected works display his unique style and technique, showcasing his life-size aluminium cast sculptures and paper collages. Each of his works carries an expression of abnormal life packed in extraordinary creativity. His work has been acquired by art connoisseurs in India & across the globe. He continues to work at Studios in India and the U.S.A.