Hear ‘N’ say Clinic, hosts ‘Hanen Approach’ for parents of children with communication difficulty

Dr Garima Vegivada, Chief speech language pathologist, Hear ‘N’ say clinic, addressing parents of children with communication difficulty, at a workshop based on "Hanen Approach", today at Hear ‘N’ say clinic, Secunderabad.
Hear ‘N’ say Clinic, – a specialized centre for people with Hearing, speech and language disorders; hosted a workshop based on ‘’Hanen Approach’’ for parents of children with a communication difficulty and delay in developing speech and language abilities, on the eve of the International day for persons with Disability. This is the first such workshop to be hosted in this part of the country and over 25 parents from across both the Telugu states attended the workshop, held today at Hear ‘N’ say Clinic, Minister’s Road, Secunderabad.
It is estimated that 40% of school-going kids have speech and/or language delays. These children interact and communicate in a way that is difficult for parents to understand as it lacks traditional and ideal speech and language development, which in turn hinders their progression and impacts them psychologically for a lifetime. This is pure because of the inability to detect their disorder early and seek professional help.
Based on the Hanen Approach, speech-language pathologists help to empower parents to understand their child’s communication patterns and trains them to induce children towards more interactions and communication. There are very few specialists in the country trained in Hanen Approach to provide training for both specialists and parents. Hear ‘N’ say clinic’s Chief speech-language pathologist, Dr Garima Vegivada, is one of the few in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, to be trained in the Hanen Approach. Such specially trained speech-language pathologists are equipped with evidence-based treatment approaches. There are a range of benefits for such parents, from programs based on Hanen Approach, including increasing the child’s understanding of language, parent’s role in communication and enhance overall interaction and language expression.
This program was conducted in association with Telangana Audiologists and speech-language pathologists Association (TASLPA).