Government approved disinvestment on container corporation of India, know more about the company

Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR), was incorporated in March 1988 under the Companies Act and commenced operation from November 1989. From its humble origin, it is today an acknowledged market master having the largest network of 84 ICDs/CFSs in India. In enhancement to stocking domestic transport by Indian Railways for containers, it has also grown to incorporate administration of Ports, air cargo complexes and installing cold-chain. CONCOR is bound to providing compassionate, cost-effective, productive and secure logistics solution to its customers. 
Let’s explore some facts about it,

1. In 1990, CONCOR has founded an outstanding idea of Port Side Container Terminal. First established in the vicinity of Chennai Harbour.  
  1. In 1994, The Government of India disinvested 20% of its equity shares of  CONCOR viz. 129,97,200 at an average weighted price of Rs 76.71 per share.
  2. CONCOR entered in Air Cargo services in 1999, to provide Intermodal logistics solutions to India’s trade.
4. It’s an incumbent player with a significant market share and margins significantly higher than the other players. Concor accounts for one-third of the country’s EXIM container traffic

5. Infrastructure advantage – 8,200 wagons, 175 rakes operating per year, 57 terminals; the company plans to add to this infrastructure to take advantage of the expected growth in EXIM trade.