Everything you should know about the banning of e-cigarettes in India?

    Everything you should know about the banning of e-cigarettes in India?

    With the risks surrounding the smoking of cigarettes rising at a rapid rate, people have transitioned to the usage of E-cigarettes. Though the transition at first provided to be good by causing no harm to the human body, recent studies have shown a considerable amount of damage that could be caused to the lungs.

    The government of India are in favor of banning e-cigarettes. While few speculate that it’s a decision made to deprive the public of smoking options, while others say it’s for the betterment of the public. Thus, if you are wondering why exactly should it be banned? Then there are several factors behind it.

    What are e-cigarettes?

    E-Cigarettes are nothing but machines that don’t burn tobacco. But in turn the presence of a heating element that vaporises that liquid element which the user inhales. It is the main differentiating point between combustible cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Though it hasn’t been licensed in India, the product still is on sale. ETV Bharat News Today provides a detailed story on why they are.

    Why the red flags?

    There have been numerous red flags about the selling of e-cigarettes in the country. Out of many, few of which are enlisted below.

    • The ease of access and availability of e-cigarettes online and offline to promote smokers to quit smoking is what has concerned the government and raised several issues regarding the same.
    • The union health ministry has notified all states and union territories that all e-cigarettes and other “E” products involving the usage of tobacco and nicotine are to be banned from selling offline or online in their jurisdictions.
    • A report stated by ETV Bharat Delhinoted that the Union Health secretary also says that import of “JUUL,” a US-based e-cigarette company has been banned from the country and prevent to have any form of transaction.

    The verdict of international studies and research about e-cigarettes.

    Around the world, e-cigarettes are facing heavy criticism and facing backlash from the government in the eradication of the product. Due to news channels like ETV news today and other media partners in the country, the banning of e-cigarettes has become a more straightforward affair. Also, other reasons for the ban is the popularity amongst the youth of the country which is becoming a threat to their wellbeing.

    The verdict of the Indian Council of Medical Research on this ban.

    • Several reasons have come to surface after thorough research and studies were conducted on the harmful effects that it might cause to an individual. All of which are enlisted below.
    • Usage of E-cigarettes daily leads to addiction.
    • Due to the marketing strategy of these companies, e-cigarettes are becoming more popular amongst teens and youth of the country.
    • The liquid and flavouring agents that are used in these e-cigarettes contain adverse metals and toxic substances that could cause conditions like cancers to arise.
    • Extensive usage of e-cigarettes leads to damage to the DNA, carcinogenic cellular, molecular and immunological toxicity: respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular disorders.

    There are several other harmful side effects of e-cigarettes that have to be made popular, and through media such as ETV Bharat Delhi and many more, it can be made possible seamlessly. Thus, banning of e-cigarette is the one step in the right direction to eliminate smokers from having any other alternative other than smoking or to quit smoking. Only the future would tell weather e-cigarettes would be completely banned, or there would be another substitute for the same.