Anybody can trade: No age-limit or experience required to trade in the Stock Market!


Trade experts and coaches Vishal Malkan& Meghana Malkan who run their stock market training institute Malkansview, believe there is no age limit or experience required to trade in the stock market, and they prove it with their strategy…

Many of us have been brain-washed to believe that trading in the stock market is dangerous. Many believe that only seasoned, experienced and white-haired traders can make a business out of this trade. You can lose your soul to the bulls and bears, they have stated. Even today, mention that you are a stock trader, and eyebrows are immediately raised.

Correct? Wrong. Vishal and Meghana Malkan believe that anyone can learn to navigate the stock market with a little help and the right guidance.

In fact, to put their money where their mouth is, they conduct free seminars throughout the country to educate the layman (and woman) on these lines. Vishalclaims that anybody can make stock trading a full-time career. The students who have been mentored by this couple vouch for it. Why go far? His wife who was a successful lawyer, today is a full-time trader.

So what’s the trick? The biggest problem traders face is that of losses. Restrict your losses, and you can live to trade another day. This is where coach Vishal comes in– training you to ensure that your loss (if any) is restricted, and there are no limits to the profits you earn.

The reason why many people have lost money in the stock market is because of lack of adequate knowledge, confidence and the right strategies. While some do manage to be successful, they are unable to do it consistently. Consistency is the key.
When to enter (buy) a stock, and when to exit (sell), and which stocks to pick becomes a simple method, once you attend one of Vishal’s seminars.

“There are two strategies, to begin with,” says Vishal, “One, you learn to generate income on a regular business to run your house; and two, you learn to generate wealth in the long term. These two strategies can help you take your first steps in the stock market.”

And if you want to go deeper to earn higher profits and manage a bigger portfolio, Vishal’s institute Malkansview has various courses for that too.

The Malkans set up their training institute, Malkansview, to share their knowledge and empower people from different walks of life such as marketing, engineering, medicine, IT and even homemakers. With the help of seminars, webinars, workshops and online coaching programs, Malkansview has trained thousands and helped them take control of their financial future.

If you want to be part of this industry but have inhibitions or fears related to stock trading, be rest assured, your coaches, Vishal and Meghana Malkan will help you resolve all them. Happy trading.