Spectacular golf holidays in the UAE this winter with Seawings

A top-class golfing experience in exotic Arabian surroundings with Seawings and exclusive packages that combines the glamorous sport with the very best of Emirates, golf enthusiasts have something to look forward to this season.
The region boasts of year-round sunshine, renowned golf courses with top-end facilities and spectacular tournaments make Dubai one of the primary choices for golf enthusiasts. Golf has gained tremendous attention in this region over the years and continues to be the foremost choice of recreation for visitors and residents alike.
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With stunning lush greens, abundant sunshine, magnificent settings and world-class facilities, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to some of the most sought-after golf courses. This winter, Seawings invites golf enthusiasts to experience alluring journeys to remember with exclusively curated excursions and seaplane transfers to access five partner golf courses across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.  
The entire seaplane experience can be tailor-made as per individual preferences. Seawings promises to curate journeys for guests to reimagine golf – whether it is arriving on a private seaplane for a splendid tee off amidst beautifully manicured greens and pristine beaches, or indulging in leisure facilities after a great game of golf such as evening cocktails and a relaxing spa. Guests also have an option to extend their journey with seaplane excursions during the day to see the iconic sights and sounds of the chosen destination. As the guests embark on a unique aerial journey to remember with Seawings, they can expect to see the best of boundless beauty in the Middle East.

Seawings remains the only seaplane operator in the UAE with its five Cessna 208 amphibian aircraft. A luxurious seaplane journey is a breathtaking way to travel where the scenery moves past your large individual passenger window, revealing stunning vistas of vibrant cityscapes, coastlines, shimmering deserts and rugged mountains. Experience a private seaplane charter with all the comforts of a spacious modern cabin and spacious 9 leather seats. The air-conditioned cabin maintains the comfort levels as you take in the views of the city. Seawings offers its guests a one of a kind experience with this Bespoke Tour.