Choosing The Right Industrial Doors For Your Business

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    Industrial Door

    It might seem like a completely inconsequential thing at first, but the doors that are used throughout your business will have a huge impact on safety, productivity, and costs, so it’s important that you make the right choice when browsing the different options. Whether you’re looking for internal or external doors, there are options to suit every company’s needs, ensuring that you’ve got an effective and efficient setup from which to operate. For those who are stumped due to the variety of styles, this guide should set you in the right direction and give you a better idea of which doors will be best suited to your requirements.

    Speed & Productivity

    One of the top things to focus on for any business environment is the productivity levels – it’s important to have an effective workflow that allows you to operate at maximum capacity as often as possible, without that you’ll be wasting money and losing business. If you’ve found waiting times for entrances or barriers to be something that seems to be wasting large chunks of time, high-speed industrial doors are a brilliant fix. They’ll decrease waiting times and create a more efficient traffic-flow throughout the building, so your staff and drivers can manoeuvre around more easily.

    You can use high-speed doors as internal or external entrances and exits, so a faster and more streamlined route can be created through your company premises. These doors are also great for offering effective insulation when closed, which helps you to retain heat during the colder months.

    Security & Safety

    Another incredibly important thing for businesses to consider is the safety and security that their doors offer, creating a more secure and conscious workplace for your staff to operate within. Whether it’s perimeter security or fire safety, you can use doors to your advantage as a preventive and precautionary measure.

    Fire doors ensure that you have maximum protection in the event of an emergency, providing a more effective seal against the smoke and heat should it ever be required. These doors also commonly feature wicket doors, which allow personnel to pass through a smaller section of the door quickly so that they’re kept safe and have a faster escape route; there’s also an overhead lock that secures the door shut.

    For external security, perimeter security features such as sliding gates can be a huge benefit – they’ll give you more control over the access given to the premises, so you can monitor activity and prevent entry/exit if necessary.

    Energy Efficiency

    One downfall you may find with most heavy-duty industrial doors is their energy usage – they can often use far more power than is warranted and lose lots of heat due to slow closing times or poor insulation – you can combat this by using double action doors and strip curtains, which go back on themselves once opened to form an extra barrier to lock heat in and maintain a comfortable climate to work in. This can be particularly important in the food storage/transportation industry, where the product is often temperature-sensitive and can easily spoil if exposed to the wrong conditions.

    With the help of our guide to industrial doors, you should now have a better idea of how you can use doors to create the perfect working conditions for the workplace. This can help you to increase productivity and efficiency across the business, which will help you to minimise costs and improve your ROI.

    Combine these different types of doors throughout your business to create the ideal workspace with a full array of efficiency, safety, and productivity features; this ensures that your company keeps the workers safe and secure while they work, whilst also providing conditions that are most suitable for the staff and the products that they operate with.