BLS International, Exclusive Partner for Embassy of Libya for Visa Services in India

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  • To provide visa and document attestation service

New Delhi, 15 November: BLS International, a pacesetter in visa, passport, consular and citizen become exclusive visa service partner for Embassy of Libya in India, to regale Indian Travellers to Libya.

Embassy of Libya in India along with BLS International went live from November 04, 2019 where BLS International will impart help for Visa & Attestation of documents in India. Travellers from India will be able to apply for Libya visas from the Visa Application Centre in Delhi.

Commenting on the partnership, Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, BLS International, said, “It is an honour to work with the Embassy of Libya to ensure a more convenient and faster service for travellers, while maintaining the security and integrity of the visa process. With our experience and reliability in providing seamless visa application services across the world, and with the technological advancement, the service will further enhance ease of travel to Libya.