Lynx –Lawrence and Mayo associates with ChargeGrid for Community Charging Stations for E vehicles


Bangalore 28th October 2019: Lynx Lawrence &  Mayo, one of India’s leading Engineering equipment providers in the country, recently announced the expansion of their portfolio by associating with ChargeGrid, a pioneer in providing a range of Safe, Monitored and regulated community electric vehicle chargers. The association will enable building an ecosystem for accelerated growth of Electronic Vehicles in India.

Through this partnership, Lynx – Lawrence & Mayo, will essentially market and facilitate access to ChargeGrid’s range of AC Charging Station products, which will be marketed and deployed by Lynx-Lawrence and Mayo and managed and monitored by ChargeGrid. The current range includes the ChargeGrid Pro – T2 and ChargeGrid PRO – 3P.

Speaking about this association, Glenford  D’Souza , Senior General Manager , Lynx – Lawrence a& Mayo, said, “We at Lynx- Lawrence and Mayo pride ourselves in offering intuitive innovations that reflect the need of the hour and are vital to making a progressive society and economy. Making EV Charging stations available and accessible is a crucial step towards sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. We are excited to be associated with ChargeGrid as their marketing partners, helping them expand the reach and network. We look forward to building a greener and healthier world for the future.”

The association will also address the EV Ecosystem challenge, by providing ‘made in India’ solutions for EV Vehicle charging through convenient and technology enabled charging points that comply with the Ministry of Power’s directive. With integrated technology like wireless monitoring and data logging, enabled via Charge Grid’s online and mobile platform, the charging stations are fully automated, completely unmanned and have an integrated payment gateway enabled via open network. All of Charge Grid’s products are simple to install and can be customised to suite varied requirements, across locations, including co-operative housing societies, bungalows or office and commercial buildings.

Speaking about the association with Lynx- Lawrence and Mayo, Darryl Dias from Chargegrid  Said, “We are honoured to be associated with a company like Lynx that has been leading innovation and change, meeting the demands and challenges of 21st century businesses, with a keen focus on sustainability and green engineering. True to our goal of making greener solutions for simple and accelerated growth of Electric Vehicles, we look forward to offer greater value and product support to industry leaders like Lynx – Lawrence and Mayo.”

Backed by the concept of ‘Made in India’, the ChargeGrid Pro series comes at one-fourth the price of similar products available internationally and plans are already underway for newer product portfolios.