Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, A Plan for Your Loved Ones That Forever Says “I Love You”


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We humans have the inborn need to be loved, to be coddled, and to be listened to. And the best of all this originates from our family, who stands by us through various challenges without even batting an eye. Family resembles a safety blanket, always protecting you by being at your side and by giving you the best-unbiased advice. Also, they are there to protect you emotionally, just as physically.

So, it’s only your responsibility to reciprocate the same, along with giving them the much-needed financial protection. Meaning, there is so much your family has done for you that it goes without saying that you need to protect their financial future in your absence.

And when it comes to safeguarding their financial future, what better than Max Life Insurance’s “Smart Term Plan” to do this job. This plan will stick with your family, even if something goes wrong. And this sense of security will enable you to travel that extra mile to achieve things in life with the much-needed peace of mind.

Moreover, a secure financial future in the form of best term insurance plan will last your loved ones for years to come. And isn’t the security of your loved ones the ideal expression of love?

The Smart Term Plan can serve as the financial foundation for your family, helping to provide desirable financial protection in the event of your death. It comes with a wide array of features including:

  • Multiple death benefit variants
  • Flexibility to choose premium payment term
  • Comprehensive financial protection against critical illnesses and accidents (optional covers)
  • Premium back option at maturity and so forth

As part of a larger financial plan, its benefits can also offer advantages that help meet goals at every stage of life, including:

Funding Your Child’s Education Costs

A lot many things have changed in the past few decades. Whether it’s the lavish lifestyles that we lead, rising inflation, the cost of living,or spirallingeducation costs. However, unvaryingly, one question haunts every parent- “will my child get the education that s/he deserves, if I am no more?”

Having the ‘Smart Term Plan’ in place is the answer to this question. The payout offered by such a plan ensures that your children get the best of education that you have dreamt for them. This is possible because the plan comes with seven death benefit variants to choose from, including the combination of lump sum and monthly income. This option if chosen,can very well take care of the monthly expenses of your loved ones, including your child’s education fees.

Strengthening Retirement Savings Of Your Spouse

If you want financial independence for your spouse in her retirement, especially in your absence, you need to plan well in advance. And this planning needs to be done in such a way that the financial plan can easily meet your spouse’s living expenses as well as medical expenses.

Therefore, from your spouse’s retirement perspective, the best option is to purchase a term insurance plan that comes with the option to receive the death benefit as monthly income. This will allow your spouse to take care of any unpaid debts, utility bills, groceries,as well as other household expenses.

Helping To Protect Wealth For Future Generations

Perhaps the most intelligent way to provide a financial legacy for your loved ones is to set up a robust term insurance plan.However, term insurance is mostly viewed as a tool to replace the family’s income or to secure funds for financial obligations and is not generally viewed as a tool to transfer wealth for future generations.

But, inherently, term insurance helps create a legacy. It helps you leave behind wealth for your children and generations to come, ensuring their financial security. And as term insurance is extremely affordable, all this can be done without having to compromise your current lifestyle.

The bottom line is obtaining term insurance shows that you care enough about your dear ones not to leave them in financial strain after your demise. Moreover, the best term insurance planwill not only provide security but also peace of mind that your dear ones can still have the bright future you want for them, even if you are no longer present. However, before buying term insurance, compareand choose the right plan toprovide adequate financial protection to your family after you are long gone.