Look Smarter, Feel Healthier with Toreto’s Bloom – SmartWatch Series


New Delhi, October 04, 2019: Toreto, a leading name in the innovative and portable digital product market, has launched a new series of Bloom SmartWatch – “Bloom 2” and “Bloom 3”. The newly launched SmartWatches keeps a track of your health while letting you create your own style statement; not only keeps you updated on your daily physical activities but also helps you monitor various other aspects.

Powered by unparalleled features, Bloom 2 & 3 is a real treat for fitness lovers. The Bloom 2 is available in 3 colours – Space GreySilver and Rose Gold, whilst Bloom 3 comes with 2 strap colours Black + Green and Black + Orange.

Bloom 2 (TOR 82) & Bloom 3 (TOR 83):

Both the SmartWatches comprises of 45.5mm long, 37mm wide and 9.5mm thick sleek dimensions and a 1.3inch screen-size, ensuring the best way to keep a check on your daily activities. The devices are powered by HS6220D CPU which makes it a true multitasking product. Designed to measure your vitals, sleep quality, BP, calories, sPO2 as well as the steps taken, are counted accurately. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of the SmartWatches makes it compatible with iOS and Android Smartphones.

Moreover, both the devices are waterproof and shock-resistant simply due to IP67 and IP65 features. Both the devices have a single touch sensor through which all information about the daily health and fitness activities can be accessed. The devices come with a training mode which is handy while cycling, trekking and running in tracks, etc. One can get their Social Media notifications too on the SmartWatch. With a staggering battery capacity of 170mAh and 150 mAh, it stays powered up for  1 week (use time) and 2 weeks (standby time) on a single recharge,  fully charging can be completed in a mere 2 to 2.5 hours.

The unique feature that makes Toreto Bloom 2 & 3 that stand out compared to other SmartWatches is its inbuilt “Find My Phone” feature. This feature helps one to recover the Smartphone quickly, if by any chance one has lost it; simply long-press the sensor on the SmartWatch to find the lost phone within 10m of range.