McAfee Facilitates Product Innovations Across Device To Cloud Expanse

McAfee becomes the First Cybersecurity Company to achieve Global Gender Pay Parity

McAfee MVISION portfolio helps organizations protect data and stop threats across devices, networks and the cloud

  • Extended threat protection, cloud value and maturity advisor, end-user remediation, plus McAfee MVISION Cloud is FedRAMP Moderate Authorized and FedRAMP Ready for FedRAMP High
  • Management of native encryption, native approval workflows, and expanded global services now included in McAfee MVISION ePO, plus simplified upgrade process and support center extension in McAfee ePO

Las Vegas, NV, October 03, 2019 – McAfee, the device to cloud cybersecurity company, today announced new product innovations to its McAfee MVISION portfolio, a first-of-its-kind cloud-based product family that allows organizations to deploy security on their terms as they move to the cloud. The new features and functionality lie within McAfee MVISION Cloud, McAfee MVISION Endpoint, McAfee MVISION EDR and McAfee MVISION ePO, and have been purpose-built to help organizations protect data and stop threats across devices, networks and the cloud.

The biggest issues security practioners face today relate to people, devices and data—for organizations to adopt the cloud with peace of mind, they not only need visibility into their data and applications, but consistent data and threat protection policies wherever their data and applications reside. The wide dispersion of their data and limited time and resources make this a challenge for most organizations today. With the MVISION portfolio, McAfee is enabling organizations to mount a powerful threat and data-centric defense spanning from device to cloud. These solutions are designed to give freedom and confidence to organizations that are accelerating their business through digital transformation initiatives.

“We are on a mission to deliver comprehensive data and threat defense across our customers’ “device to cloud” expanse and to give them the capabilities they need to act in a decisive and timely manner to mitigate risk,” said Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president and general manager of the cloud security, McAfee. “We see a future where enterprise security is simpler, smarter and simultaneously broader than anything that’s ever come before, and with McAfee MVISION we are delivering on that vision.”