Threat of heart diseases can be reduced besides its nature of most deadly disease: Dr. Manoria


Theme of this year World Heart day is “My Heart, Your Heart”

Bhopal, 27 September 2019: Heart disease is the world’s top deadly disease today claims majority of deaths around the world. But this is also a fact that one can reduce the risk of heart diseases by making some small changes in lifestyle as well as improve the quality of life of the people suffering from it. As all aware that in current scenario most of the peoples are suffering with diseases related with lifestyle like hypertension, high BP, diabetes etc. Long term ignorance of the symptoms of these problems can be dangerous and life threatening. For this, we have to take steps to take care of ourselves and our loved ones today. This information was given by Dr. P.C. Manoria and Dr. Pankaj Manoria, Cardiologist in a press meet today ahead of world heart day.

Dr. Manoria further said this year 2019 theme of World Heart Day is My Heart Your Heart. He said that a large number of people have early symptoms of heart diseases all over the world and while a researcher and a doctor both are indulge in the better cure options for this disease, on the other hand, we will also have to become heart heroes by joining them in this battle through the care of their own and their people.

While giving the example of the famous Bollywood film song ‘Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji…, Dr Manoria said that this line has a great connection in the medical world especially in the matter of heart medicine. Most of us do not know that the age of our heart may be more or less than several years compared to our physical age. When youngsters come to me about the heart problem, in 80% of the cases, a young person heart age finds a huge difference and their heart’s age found as an old person. The age of the heart is ascertained through some investigations.

Speaking about the causes of these heart problems Dr. Manoria said that hukka lounges running everywhere in the Bhopal city are leading the youth towards death. By these hukkah, more tobacco smoke reaches the lungs than cigarettes, which is more deadly. This is one of the prime reasons that today 2 out of 10 patients of heart attack are under 40 years of age.

While discussing over the diet pattern to reduce the chances of heart diseases Dr Manoria advised that we should make distance with fast food and deep fried items. He also said that the cooking oil used to prepare food turn most dangerous when repeatedly boils again and again to fry food items. We should focus on taking balanced diet, reducing salt intake, exercising regularly, regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables; avoid excessive sweets and alcohol, always smiling and avoiding stress to keep your heart young.

Regarding the symptoms of heart disease, he told that if anybody has symptoms like frequent difficulty in breathing or breathing very little, feeling sleepy, having high blood pressure for long time and getting tired quickly or feeling low energy level in body etc are pointing towards heart disease. In this case a person should contact doctor immediately so that with the help of some diagnosis level of the disease can be measure and treatment could be start accordingly.