CRPF experts taught self defense tricks at the Courtyard by Marriott


Raipur, 23 September, 2019. One day self-defense workshop was organized by CRPF experts at the Hotel Courtyard by Marriott today where women employees of hotel staff were told the techniques of martial arts to protect themselves in adverse conditions while all the staff of the Marriott Raipur learnt yoga to remain relaxed and increase concentration.

In this one-day camp, Deputy Commandant of CRPF Rajendra Prasad and his colleagues from 211 battalion of Thanod headquarters participated and provided training. Experts told how women can get out of the danger zone by counter attack to attacker by different dailyneed things ranging from the car key to their purse. Apart from this, he told about Hammer Kick, Goin Kick, Heel Palm Strike, Elbow Strike and Side-headlock etc. He told that women should attack the attacker’s eye, nose, throat and between the waist and thigh to protect herself. All these safety training were given by live demonstration on this occasion.

In the second session of this workshop all hotel employees were trained in yoga and meditation. In this session, aasanas (posture) like Surya Namaskar, Gyan Mudra, Meditation Mudra and Kapala Bhati were taught.

General Manager Rajneesh Kumar said that the purpose of this workshop was to increase self-confidence techniques among women employees and to give them training to face adverse situations courageously. Also, through yoga training, the employees had to be motivated to adopt measures to stay fit and refreshed as well as focused on their work. He also said that such type of educational and motivational workshops are organised at Marriott Raipur from time to time.