Meeting the Challenges of Fraud

    Fraud Help

    Life’s Challenges

    What happens to us when we meet challenges? Do we turn and run away? Do we ignore it and hope the problem goes away? Do we stop and confront the challenge? Do we reach out to others to seek help? There are many ways we can respond to challenges, and each one of them will define our future for the day, weeks, and maybe even years. For example, if we have been caught up in fraud, what do we do? There might be someone who has knowledge of fraud happening in the company they work for. At, the legal representative doesn’t look the other way, especially when fraud is concerned. We are vulnerable to frauds of all kinds, but we can choose not to stand by and let the fraudulent behavior continue to hurt others and ruin lives. Below are four different kinds of fraud listed by the FBI that affect millions of people yearly. Use the hotline to stop these criminal acts intended to harm people.

    Healthcare Fraud

    Fraud takes place in millions of ways throughout the world. People have taken advantage of someone’s trust and vulnerability. They need to speak out and put an end to these kinds of actions by people pretending to be one thing but are shady business people. Healthcare fraud is a white-collar crime. It involves the filing of dishonest health care claims in order to turn a profit. You do not have to suffer alone. Sometimes the good guys turn bad and they need to be stopped by a whistleblower. Report your case to authorities and join the solution. There are nearly 55,000 cases of fraud per year. The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (HCAFA) report that healthcare fraud costs nearly $68 billion a year. That is about three percent of the annual cost of health care annually. Some estimate the cost to be closer to $230 billion annually. While you will experience the pain of others taking advantage of your health, there are things you can do. There are fraud and medicare hotlines you can call.

    Pharmaceutical Fraud

    Pharmaceutical fraud is another type of fraud. In the past ten years, an epidemic in the pharmaceutical industry has taken place. Even pharmacists cannot see the entire picture. Large pharma companies oversee fake shipping pharmaceuticals that get into the mainstream distribution network. These fake pharmaceuticals look and go down like regular pharmaceuticals, but are bogus. They do not affect the ill person’s health. There have been many cases where people who are very sick have taken their medications but have taken a fake drug that does them no good. Many people have died because of this fraud.  If you know you have been treated unjustly and have experienced pharmaceutical fraud in your life, report it immediately. The FBI has a 24-hour fraud website to report these kinds of frauds. By acting immediately, you can be awarded legal help that can lead to some remuneration for your loses.

    Financial Fraud

    Financial fraud can ruin peoples lives. It is reported that identity theft, a specific kind of financial fraud, affected 14.2 million credit card numbers in 2017 by breaches of data, usually caused by hackers intending to steal or use this information illegally. If you believe you have been affected by financial fraud, get in touch with your local authorities. Call your bank or your credit bureau.

    Government Fraud

    The FBI reports 23 major types of fraud. One such fraud is someone posing as a government official. This also takes place in communities where suited professionals dress like an FBI agent or an IRS agent. These kinds of individuals do great hard to the public and need to be stopped. If you believe that someone has mistreated you by posing as a government agent of any kind, contact your local police force or government agency. Suffering any fraud can be an experience that can affect you emotionally, financially, and psychologically. Reach out to the proper help and speak up so these people who are harming and hurting the American public can be stopped.