S R Gopal Rao Opticians and Essilor Vision Foundation join hands for complete eye care


Bangalore, 11th September 2019: S R Gopal Rao Opticians, offering services in optometry and opticinary since the late 19th century, joined hands with Essilor Vision Foundation to provide a complete eye screening for the students of Sajjan Rao School, from the ages of 6 years upwards and a preliminary eye screening for the children from the age of 3 to 5 years. A total of 378 students were screened out of which 20 students required vision correction

After the completion of eye screening, Essilor Vision Foundation and S R Gopal Rao Opticians have provided the children with free spectacles customized to match their prescription. The children have been demonstrated on how to use these spectacles and a select group of teachers have been sensitized to understand when a child is struggling to learn or do better cause of visual problems.

Meghana Manay – Chief Operations Officer, S R Gopal Rao Opticians said: “According to a study by Essilor, 1 out of 5 children suffer from uncorrected poor vision. This shows the importance of primary eye care during your childhood. Unawareness about the importance of primary eye care is one of the major reasons for lifelong blindness and our mission is overcome this challenge, to the extent that we can. For such events, we always aim to provide eye care, which is of quality and accessible. We are very happy that Essilor Vision Foundation has also joined hands for this event and is helping us in giving back to the society to make it a happier and healthier place.”

Eye screening was conducted by Shankara Eye Hospital, Lenses supplied by Essilor Vision Foundation and S R Gopal Rao Opticians supplied the Spectacle Frames.  Participants were Ajay Kadam, Trustee at Sajjan Rao School | Dharmaprasad Rai, Essilor Vision Foundations | Mahesh Vijaykumar, Head- Essilor Vision Foundation | MilindJadhav, Senior Director-Group Mission, Greater India Essilor| Meghana Manay – COO, S R Gopal Rao Opticians | Uma Manay – S R Gopal Rao Opticians.