Borosil launches premium Cook fresh range of stainless-steel cookware


Borosil’s latest range of stainless steel cookware offers a wide variety of daily cooking utensils that are energy efficient, hygienic and customised for use in an Indian Cooking

Mumbai,  2019: Living true to their legacy of customers first, Borosil has come a long way beyond their pioneering expertise in glassware. Now, a leading consumer brand, the focus is to fullfill all household kitchen needs. With this in mind, Borosil has now launched a brand new range of premium quality stainless steel cookware “Cookfresh”. The latest offering from Borosil includes a variety of daily utensils that are relevant for all Indian kitchens as well as for professional chefs.

World over, stainless steel is now a preferred medium for cooking due to its natural ability to withstand different temperatures with uniform cooking, hygiene with absolutely no leaching of chemicals into food on contact with heat as well as the durability it comes with. Add to this specific designs Borosil has devised basis their long-term experience with Indian kitchenware bring together one of the best and most comprehensive range of stainless steel cookware.

This Food grade SS 304 Stainless Steel range includes casseroles, handi casseroles, flat kadhai with lid, tasla wok, deep kadhai with lid, sauce pans and fry pans, each with their own unique qualities.The highlight of the cookware range is the 3 layer Impacted bonded bottom which ensures uniform heating. It eliminates hotspots and enables customer to use relatively less oil, keeping the nutrients intact in the food. The base is highly durable and comes with30 year warranty.

The cookware collection includes Handi Casserole, Flat Kadhai, Casserole, Tasla Wok, Deep Kadhai, Fry Pan and Sauce Pan. The new collection ranges from INR 725 upto INR 1425.