Tree Lined Tribute offers to Martyrs of Pulwama Attack At Shalimar Fortleza

  • 40 trees planted with the help of a crane, each carrying a placard with name and rank of martyred jawan
  • These 15 feet tall trees were transported to Bhopal from Chennai in a truck
  • CRPF Madhya Pradesh IGP P.K. Pandey and other dignitaries attended the ceremony
  • Plantation carried out amidst National Anthem and patriotic songs
  • The area of plantation named ‘Heroes Avenue’

Bhopal, 27 July 2019: In memory of the 40 jawans martyred in Kashmir on February 14 this year, 40 Palm Date trees were planted at Shalimar Fortleza, Hoshangabad Road  to keep alive the memory of the Jawans who lost their live in the line of duty. A patch of land inside the residential campus has been for this purpose, and each tree has been a placard with the name and rank of the martyred soldier. The plantation area has been named ‘Heroes Avenue’. CRPF Madhya Pradesh inspector general P.K. Pandey; CREDAI Madhya Pradesh chairman, Vijay Mirchandani; Mirchandani Group chairman Kishore Mirchandani and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

“We will not forget and we will not forgive. This is a welcome initiative to pay tribute to the martyrs. Through this plantation, the martyrs will remain immortal in memory,” said P.K. Pandey,  inspector general of CRPF, Madhya Pradesh, adding that the residents should take care of the trees and ensure they are well watered and tended to.

Madhya Pradesh CREDAI chairman Vijay Mirchandani said “Protecting borders and conserving environment are two important duties. If we can combine plantation with patriotism it will bring more positivity. Planting a tree and raising it is pride. This is one of many ways to acknowledge the sacrifice of our armed forces.”

Kishore Mirchandani, organiser of the ceremony and chairman, Mirchandani Group said “They chose Date Palm tree because these tree are tough and can withstand harshest weather challenges. They symbolise the very character of our brave jawans.” He further said that these trees are transported all the way from Chennai to Bhopal. It took three days journey with utmost care.

Mirchandani said “As a tribute to martyr Ashwani Kumar we gifted a 2 BHK flat to his family members in one of our new project ‘Shalimar Svayam’  in Indore city.”