CI Group initiative ‘Chalo Hara Karein Desh’ towards building a greener tomorrow


To evoke a sense of consciousness among the people of Bhopal toward environment and importance of trees, CI Group has started an initiative called ‘Chalo Hara Karien Desh’ inaugurated on 14th July 2019 with a promise of 1000+ trees to be planted all over Bhopal.

This initiative had kick- started by CI Group on 14th July with 2 activities of creating green patches in Bhopal. Around 200 people came to plant trees at CI Estate, Kolar Road on Sunday. The group comprised mainly of the residents of CI Estate, members of the Bhopal Automobile Dealer Association, a few friends and family of CI Group and a few team members of CI Builders, CI Mahindra, CI Capital and CI Hyundai. The CI Group team also planted saplings at their Hyundai and Mahindra showrooms in Jinsi and Hoshangabad Road and will be carrying out the same activity at their other properties too.

A total of 200 trees & saplings were planted yesterday but this is just the beginning. CI Group is trying to contribute towards building a greener tomorrow so that it can set an example for the coming generations & others that ‘The right time to plant the trees is right now’.

It is not the first time for CI Group though. The group has been actively involved in various CSR campaigns and their stride to do something for society never ends.