Nizams Grand & Great Grand Children donate blood to OGH

Grand grand daughter of Nizam 7th along with OGH Superintendent and Najaf Ali Khan seen donating blood.

Hyderabad, July 2019: The family members of the last Nizam VIIth, including his grandson and great grandchildren came forward to donate blood at OGH in a blood donation camp held today by city-based NGO, Helping Hand Foundation.At the end of the donation drive, a record 80 units of blood was donated in a single day.

3 Great Grand Children and Grandson Nawab Najaf Ali Khan donated blood at OGH Blood Bank. 3 RMOs of OGH also donated blood.

Nawab Najaf Ali Khan, the grandson of Nizam said that, his children were very keen to donate blood when he told them about the blood donation drive at OGH and I brought them here after learning about it from Helping Hand Foundation with whom I have been working on various projects to support their endeavour.

The blood was donated by volunteers of HHF and many of the donors were themselves attenders or visitors at the hospital who were mobilised for donation by the volunteers of the NGO. Most of the donors expressed satisfaction in donating blood to OGH as the blood and its product are given free of cost to the patients unlike in private hospitals where there are sold for a price.

It may be noted that in OGH daily 150 elective surgeries and procedures are performed and every year about 1 lac emergencies are attended and about 45,994 IP cases are beneficiaries of the Heath Services.

Emphasizing, the need for such regular donations, Dr. B. Nagender, Superintendent, OGH said, nearly 30 – 50 Units of blood Units are required mainly for trauma cases, surgeries and other chronic cases in OGH and lauded the efforts of the public and NGO in mobilising blood for the OGH Blood Bank.

Also, most of the patients who come to OGH are from economically weaker sections and can ill afford the cost of purchasing blood from outside said,Mujtaba Hasan Askari of Helping Hand Foundation who are organising the blood donation camp.