US Based Strider Launches 14x Sport Balance Bike and Easy Ride Pedal Kit in India

  • Strider® Bikes are pioneers in the concept of balance bikes for children
  • Leads in innovation to teach balance and improve dexterity, cognitive ability, and spatial awareness in toddlers as young as six months

 Mumbai, July 4th , 2019: US based Strider Bikes, the world’s leader in designing and manufacturing a range of quality, safe and durable balance bikes, today announced the launch of the Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike and the attachable Strider 14x Easy Ride Pedal Kit, which can be attached once the child masters balancing. This announcement comes a month after the company’s launching of its first product – The Strider 12Sport Balance Bike. Strider Balance Bikes, pioneers in the concept of balance bike, make riding as easy as walking for kids ages 6 months to 7 years old. The Strider®14x Sport Balance Bike is priced at INR 16,750 and the Strider 14x Easy Ride Pedal Kit is priced at INR 3,750. Both products are available on amazon as of June 26, 2019.

Ryan McFarland, President, CEO, and Chief Enthusiast, Strider Sports International Inc. says, “We are very excited about the growing interest from parents in India. Our products are innovative which makes it easier for children to learn how to cycle.  The 14x sport bundle is an exciting product for children between 3 years and 7 years of age. This bike will give Indian parents an opportunity to experience a whole new perspective on cycling for their children which is safe, easy and convenient.”

The 14x Sport and Pedal Kit

Strider inspires kids to experience two-wheeled freedom. The Strider 14x Sport starts off as a balance bike, which helps kids who either haven’t been on a bike before or are veteran Strider riders gain confidence and balancing ability on a bigger bike. Once the child is ready to pedal, the 14x Sport bundle turns into an adjustable pedal bike by just attaching the Easy Ride Pedal Kit. Converting the 14x sport bundle from balance bike to pedal bike is super quick and easy with the accompanying wrench to screw in the single bolt. The simplicity of the design ensures that the child graduates from balancing to pedalling in no time at all.

Founded in 2007, in Rapid City, South Dakota, Strider has sold more than 2 million bikes and is distributed in more than 75 countries. Strider creates and inspires future generations of riders by giving children as young as six months old the best first-bike experience. Strider Bikes revolutionized the bike’s design to develop a child’s balance first and pairs each balance bike with a proven learn-to-ride process. Children across the globe are starting on a Strider Bike and becoming two-wheeling virtuosos – before they’re out of diapers.