How to Make Your Workplace’s Air Cleaner

    Workplace Air Quality

    The quality of your workplace air can have a great effect on the concentration and productivity of your workers, as well as their health. This is also extremely important if any of your employee’s have conditions such as asthma which rely on clean air to prevent medical issues and the worsening of conditions.

    Install Extraction Systems

    Dust is one of the main factors of whether you have clean air in your office as this can aggravate pre-existing medical conditions, cause unhealthy workplace odours, can disrupt machinery and other resources that your business relies upon, and can even cause serious medical issues such as cancer. To prevent too much dust from entering your workplace, you should consider installing extraction systems which help to control industrial dust in your workplace, which can be created from machinery and other processes. There are a couple of different types of extraction systems, such as reverse jet filters, which blow either from one side of the filter to the other, loosening dust which is then extracted, and shaker dust filters. A shaker dust filter ensures the air can flow freely by shaking air so that dust is loosened and can be extracted.

    Clean Properly

    Healthy air is part of the safety of your workplace. If you want to make your workplace’s air cleaner without any investment, you should make sure that you are able to clean your workplace on a regular basis. If you do not have time to do this, you should employ professional cleaners who can make sure that your workplace is consistently up to standard in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Cleaning can help to take away the odours and bacteria that can be found in bins and which can spread unhealthy microbes through the air. Cleaning can also reduce the amount of damp and mould that can grow in your workplace due to stains and spillages. You should also clean fabrics and soft furnishings by vacuuming to reduce the amount of dust in your workplace.

    Install Vents and Filters

    If you want to improve your employee productivity, opening the windows of your workplace is one of the best ways to get healthy air. This helps to circulate the air that is available and ensure that there is a constant supply of oxygen coming into your workplace. However, if opening a window is not always possible, you should think about installing vents and filters which can help to renew the air supply and get fresh air into your rooms without the problems of having open windows. However, when installing air filters, you should make sure that you are able to clean these regularly or else they can trap dust and reduce the air flow to your office or workroom.

    Test Air Quality

    You should also try to schedule an air quality test on a regular basis as this can tell you a lot about the levels of ventilation and humidity in your workplace, as well as how you can change your workplace.

    Use a Dehumidifier

    You should also install air conditioning or a dehumidifier as these reduce the humidity and make issues such as dust, damp and mould less common. Air conditioning can also help by cooling the air in your workplace, which makes it harder for mould to grow.