hillary clinton nursing school’s great achievement 70 students get selected under govt. national health mission

hillary clinton nursing school's great achievement 70 students get selected under govt. national health mission

NEW DELHI, 18TH MARCH, 2019: Vinod Gupta’s Charitable Foundation(VGCF),
a non-profit organization’s unit – Ramrati Education Complex, where
HILLARY CLINTON NURSING SCHOOL is situated, was delighted as it was
reported that its 70 Students (Girls & Boys) have been selected for
government service planning under the National Health Mission.

hillary clinton nursing school’s great achievement 70 students get selected under govt. national health mission

Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation, from last 8 years, is providing all
the facilities not only for theoretical knowledge but also providing
students with experimental training. For practical training the
institute is equipped with modern advanced equipments such as Simulation
Lab, MCH Lab, Fundamental Lab, Community Lab, Nutrition Lab, as well as
in the rehabilitated hospitals such as Medigram, SBDPGI Pilkhani, CHC
etc. For the highest quality of education in the institution, trained
faculty has been appointed from different states of the country –
Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana & Punjab. LEDs have been
installed in classrooms for the overall development of the students, so
that the students can be made aware of the latest techniques of
education. Apart from this, play ground with sports material for various
sports is being provided viz. Gymnasium, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis,
Football etc. Big Auditorium is available for Cultural Programmes and

Vinod Gupta, Founder, Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation expressed great
pleasure on learning the great accomplishment of students of the Hillary
Clinton Nursing School. He was proud of latest achievement and extended
his good wishes to the President of the Institute, Mrs. Raj Kamal
Saxena, Principal Secretary Shri Saneesh V.M. and his staff and
students. And also said that success of our students, who are born and
brought up in the rural area would establish a new dimension. Today, by
becoming empowered, students are realizing their dream come true for
their native land.

Shri Ashutosh Dayal Sharma, Chairman, VGCF, also congratulated the
students for their success, and encouraged them to promote the
achievements. The staff and students have worked hard to achieved this.
It is appreciable that students from the rural area are becoming
socially and economically independent.

On this occasion, Mr. B K Goswami, Board Member, Chairman, Emeritus,
Shri P. K. Agarwal, Mr. Vinod Shobit, Mr. DK Gupta and General M. M. R.
Narang, Architect, Consultant, also applauded the achievement of the
students of the Institute.

General MMR Narang said that Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation is proud
for the students getting selected for the public services. This is a
great achievement by the students from rural area. Few years ago, no one
could even imagine that students from rural area would get such a good
job. He congratulated the President of the Institute, Mrs. Rajkamal
Saxena, Principal Saneesh V.M. and Deputy Principal Mrs. Priyanka Joshi,
Staff and Students.

Principal, Hillary Clinton Nursing School, Shri Saneesh V.M. also
expressed his happiness over the selection of students and thanked the
Founder of the Institute, Mr. Vinod Gupta, the Board members and the
President of the Ramrati Education Complex, Mrs. Raj Kamal Saxena, to
give their guidance and inspiration. He also thanked all the staff
members of the institute for encouraging and imparting their
knowledgeable experience by teaching the students of the institute.

On this occasion, Dr. S.P. Singh, Principal, Bill Clinton School and its
staff members also congratulated this proud achievement of students.