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SLB Members :


1)      ICCL proposes to send alerts / notifications w.r.t. SLB Scrips to you vide Email, SMS, Google Notification and other medium of communication from time to time and requests your consent for the same


2)      You are, accordingly, requested to update the Names, Mobile Nos and Email Ids of the concerned officials of your Organization, who you would like to nominate for receiving these messages from ICCL, in the BSE Electronic Filing System (“BEFS”) provided for this purpose :


3)      Login details to BEFS would be available with your Compliance Officer and / or Accounts Office as they use it to upload the Compliance Reports and the Financial Statements


4)      Please update the coordinates under BEFS Alerts > Manage Alerts > SLB. The dropdowns menus made available under the SLB Segment are :


a)      Margin Alerts                                      Email                     To be activated in near future

b)      Foreclosure Alerts                              Email                     To be activated in near future

c)      Corporate Announcements                 Email                     Live

d)      Corporate Actions                              Mobile                    Live


5)         The process for activating Google Notifications (only supported by Android Version 4.0 and above & Browsers having Chrome Version 45 / Firefox Version 40 and above currently) is as follows :


a)      ICCL shall send the Application URL to your mobile phone via an SMS {If you want to configure the facility on your desktop, please forward the URL to your desktop and then install it from there. You shall need to have the following URL “” opened / accessible / unblocked on your desktop from your IT Security Team}

b)      Click on the URL on your Mobile or Desktop Browser

c)      A page shall open with an option to enable notifications and add to home screen

d)      Click on the enable notification option and select ‘Allow’ / ‘Block’ notifications

e)      On clicking ‘Allow’, you shall start receiving notifications

f)       You can view the historical notifications from the application

g)      All historical notifications can be purged by clearing the History

h)      Short-cut of the application can be created by clicking on ‘Add to Home Screen’ button


6)      Please note that this facility, being dependent on various external systems and other factors, is being provided on a best effort basis. Its provision is not binding on BSE / ICCL. BSE / ICCL shall not be held responsible for its delay, failure or discontinuation / withdrawal


7)      You can opt out of any / all the alerts / notifications at any time by deleting your Mobile Number and / or Email Id from BEFS


8)      For your Login Id and Password to BEFS, please send an email with your Member Code to the Trading Ops Team on [email protected]. For any query with respect to the facility or updation of the contact details, please contact the SLB Team on +91 22 22728169 / +91 22 22723633 / +91 22 2272 5667 / [email protected]



Encl : Screenshots of the Notification App

 For Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.


Dilip Kakwani

General Manager

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