Dazzling models & women celebs spread the message of cancer being curable, through a colourful fashion show

Dazzling models & women celebs spread the message of cancer being curable, through a colourful fashion show
The celebs who walked on the ramp for a cause at the fashion show ‘ANAIKA’, hosted by Cure Foundation and Apollo Cancer Hospital, to create awareness on Women health & empowerment, on Friday at Taj Krishna (L-R) Ms Samantha Reddy, Entrepreneur; Ms Rekha Reddy, Iqebana; Ms Meghana Reddy, Rhythmic Gymnast; Ms Kiran Uniyal, Martial Arts, Guinness World Record Holder; Ms Sangita Reddy, Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group; Dr P Vijay Anand Reddy, Founder, CURE Foundation and Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad; Ms Uma Chigurupati, Marathon runner & Entrepreneur; Ms Ajita Reddy, Director, Hamstech; Ms Swati Lakra, IPS, SHE teams Chief; Dr Shashi Reddy, Principal, OMC; Ms Deepika Reddy, Classical Dancer; Ms Charulatha Acharya, w/o. Maha Vir Chakra Major Padmapani Acharya & Ms Shilpa Reddy, Fashion Designer, Former Mrs. India;

Hyderabad, March 9th, 2019 : Cure Foundation and Apollo Cancer Hospital, hosted a fashion show – ‘ANAIKA’, to create awareness on Women health & empowerment, on Friday at Taj Krishna. Dr P Vijay Anand Reddy, Founder, CURE Foundation and Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad and Ms Sangita Reddy, Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group; were present on the occasion.


The Fashion show had four sequences based on different themes to depict womanhood, their wellness and women empowerment.

Ø  ANAIKA means “Complete” and “Powerful.” Models depicted woman as all powerful, an embodiment of Shakti and being invincible in the task they undertake.

Ø  Conquerors & Avengers had conquerors of dreaded cancer disease, the women Cancer Survivors and the Cancer Specialists, instrumental in the patient gaining an upper hand over the disease, walking on the ramp, hand in hand to convey a strong message of cancer being curable.

Ø  Wellness had models with placards spreading the word on Cancer Prevention, with messages emphasizing on exercise, avoiding Tobacco, healthy eating habits, lifestyle modifications etc.

Ø  Achievers had prominent women achievers, who are role models and an inspiration to all women, walking on the ramp and were facilitated on the occasion. The participants in the round comprised of powerful women including Ms Ajita Reddy, Director, Hamstech; Ms Charulatha Acharya, w/o. Maha Vir Chakra Major Padmapani Acharya; Ms Deepika Reddy, Classical Dancer, Ms Kiran Uniyal, Martial Arts, Guinness World Record Holder; Ms Meghana Reddy, Rhythmic Gymnast; Ms Rekha Reddy, Iqebana;Ms Samantha Reddy, Entrepreneur; Dr Shashi Reddy, Principal, OMC; Ms Shilpa Reddy, Fashion Designer & Former Mrs. India; Ms Swati Lakra, IPS, SHE teams Chief and Ms Uma Chigurupati, Marathon runner & Entrepreneur.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Sangita Reddy said, this fashion show depicts that there is beauty even around the surviving spirit of the cancer survivors. This is an evening for all of us to say there is hope, there is future, the combination of technology and the inimitable human spirit of fighting, so that people don’t need to feel depressed, sad and defeated when they discover they or their loved one have cancer. Today this combination of hospital infrastructure, knowledge, research and the tremendous advances science has made enable us to share these beautiful success stories of survivors. Over 23 mn patients to date over the last 35 years have chosen Apollo Hospitals as their partner in care as the one they trust and there is nothing we value more than this trust of patients, there is no stone we will leave unturned t find a way to bring the best of care, cure and healing to India. The latest Proton therapy is just one example of that and this is just a few steps in a continuous journey. We are there to not only care and cure, but into a new realm of prevention, early detection, of helping people to be healthy, because we believe life is precious.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Vijay Anand Reddy said, women are the most important part of the family, society and the country. They should not neglect their health. Be cautious of warning symptoms. cancer in women is highly curable, their survival from cancer is much higher than in men. He emphasized on adopting healthy lifestyle and food habits, besides undergoing regular cancer screening. In case of being afflicted of the disease, there is no more a need to panic, the treatment options available are highly advanced and the cure rate is very high.

Ms Swati Lakra said, very happy women’s day not only for the ladies but the men present here, because we need your support and there is no doubt about that. Many here wouldn’t be knowing that 90% of SHE teams are men, its basically the men who are taking care, so basically not correct to say men are not with us, therefore 3 cheers to men also today and they are doing a great job. It is only the 5 to 10% of people who are not behaving well and it is the duty of the 90% to ensure that the 5% to 10% behave well. The theme of this year’s women’s day is balance for better and only through that balance we see the progress of the society.