Hyderabad February 28th 2019: Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, The Innovation Wing of Government of Andhra Pradesh, in its commitment to enhancing job-creation through the SME and Startup Sector of the State of Andhra Pradesh, has established a digital infrastructure which centralizes and functions dynamically to match employment seekers with Workforce Requirements of the State.

As the Implementing Agency of the Startup and Innovation Policy of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society is committed to create a holistic and conducive environment for creative minds and innovators to thrive and grow and build enterprises which can work towards enhancing the Quality of Living of the Citizens of the State and creates more employment opportunities in the process.

In its course of creating such an environment, the Agency undertakes suo-moto recognition of Promising Entrepreneurs and Innovators, connects with them and provides tailor-made support environment which can help such an enterprise grow, including but not limited to, Market Access, Growth, Talent Acquisition and B2G Services with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

As part of its Support Activities, The society occasionally recommends Pilot Projects where it evaluates the Special Projects and Initiatives offered by the Startups and customizes the support resources for the Providers. These Pilot Projects are commissioned in a way such that they serve the citizenry of a Particular Geographical Region within the State.


This initiative, focused at bringing more youth of the state to the Global Workforce, is a Pilot Project commissioned a product Workruit by StoryTech Private Limited and supported by Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society towards securing employment opportunities for the youth of the State by application of Artificial Intelligence for creating a hassle-free profile raising and opportunity-matching process for job applicants and employers.

Workruit is an AI-Powered Job Portal Simplifying Recruitment for Applicants and Employers.

On Workruit app, the applicant or the employer can simply right swipe to the ones that match their requirement. Workruit is a new age, a mobile recruitment platform that connects employers and job-seekers instantly based on high relevance enabled by AI, ML and advanced algorithms. All the user has to do is swipe right and find the next job based  on mutual interest. In a phrase, it’s Tinder for Jobs.

Workruit is available for users across India, where employees and employers can connect with each other on their fingertips. Workruit has more than 50,000 users and 1,500+ companies and has created more than 5000+ matches between companies and job-seekers.

Once matched, they can instantly chat via their in-app messenger and schedule interviews. FedEx, Cipla, Quikr, Swiggy, Paytm, Deloitte, GMR Group, GVK Group, Apollo Hospitals, Lean-Spoon, PurpleDot, Collebra, Uber, IIT Delhi, Scheider Electric, Zomato, Darwin Box are  some of their Clients.

The Founder of Workruit, Mr. Manikanth Challa , CEO and Founder, Workruit comes with a background in User Experience and User Interface Design and have worked for multiple product based companies and VC firms in New York and San Francisco. Manikanth has done his under graduation at Penn State University.

Manikanth started Workruit with the main objective to connect job-seekers and companies instantly based on high-relevance as he considers that there is a huge amount of gap in expectations and reality in the industry.

In the Words of Workruit

“Committed to making the hiring process smarter and efficient, Workruit started on this journey guided by the forces of artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning. We wanted to inculcate advanced technologies in a simple, on-the-go app that was easy to navigate and discreet to be used anywhere. After our extensive study, we realized that employers spend considerable time manually sifting through hundreds of resumes they receive. Not only this, but the applicants received irrelevant job recommendations coupled with the complex interface they had to navigate. We saw an opportunity to make the whole process simpler by leveraging AI technology.”, Said Mr. Manikanth, Founder and CEO of Workruit. The response received was promising enough for them to think about the need to tackle other issues the recruitment industry faces today. The other area that is hugely neglected by other prominent job sites is the interface. “So, we developed one that would resound with the right swipe generation. Yes, on Workruit app, the applicant or the employer can simply right swipe to the ones that match their requirement. Once matched, they can instantly chat via our in-app messenger, schedule interviews”, as said by Mr. Manikanth.

The Goal

Their aim and directions were clear – to develop an app that can seamlessly connect employers and applicants, but that just wasn’t enough. So they developed the Right Swipe feature and AI-stacked profiles so that all the information required to make the initial screening was available on a single page.

Reputed MNCs, MSMEs, and countless start-ups today recommend them for making their job easier and simpler, and applicants recommend the discreet nature of the app that gives them the liberty to use it anywhere even at their current work without setting off red flags.