OGH Launches Bed Side Assistance for Senior Citizens & Patients without attenders

OGH Launches Bed Side Assistance for Senior Citizens & Patients without attenders

Hyderabad, December 2018: OGH has partnered with city based non-governmental organization, Helping Hand Foundation to launch a first of its kind bed side assistance program for in patients mostly Sr Citizens & patients without attenders.

OGH Launches Bed Side Assistance for Senior Citizens & Patients without attenders

The Services will be provided by Arogya Dhoots trained in basic Home Care and bed side care under Mission for elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA) by the Department of Municipal Administration, TS.

20 Arogya Dhoots out of the batch of 40 have now and deployed at Osmania General Hospital (14), MNJ Cancer Hospital (2) and Govt Maternity Hospital (4), Petlaburj by Helping Hand Foundation for bed side assistance program. With 70 to 80%  of the inpatients hailing from weaker sections and mostly daily wagers, bed side assistance always remained a challenge more so for elderly men and women in state run hospitals.

Further most daily wagers find it challenging to attend to their family member admitted in the hospital on one hand and to make a living on the other – The bed side care program launched by Helping Hand Foundation at OGH is turning out to a boon for such patients and particularly for senior citizens who need bed side care.

The Arogya Dhoots are now providing myriad range of services to patients in IP wards right from feeding, bed making, face washing, Nail Care, Scalp & Hair Care, Body Bathing, wound cleaning and dressing etc. Diapers, Nighties, Shirts, walkers and other necessary items are being provided by HHF to needy patients on a regular basis at OGH.

Arogya Dhoots are also lending support in three areas namely, the Minor OT where daily 60 – 75 patients are treated for wounds, injuries, cellulitis, gangrene foot and ulcers and other post surgical wards in OGH where the patients need to be provided bed side care.

Unknown and abandoned cases with maggot wounds and injuries will also be attended by the Arogya Dhoots.

As apart of Cancer Care in MNJ Cancer Hospital, Arogya Dhoots are working with patients in post-surgery ward where they need daily dressing to affected area, such patients are cleaned, dressed every day before the doctors come for daily rounding in the morning.

OGH Superintendent, Dr. B. Nagender, said that such personalised care for specially elderly patients is being provided for the first time in history and said it is a gratifying experience for the hospital, patients and the care givers.