We Believe In Outcome Based Education (OBE) Experience : Divesh Bathija


    Founded in the year 2012 by Divesh Bathija, Dinasim Learning is a Mumbai-based educational start-up. Dinasim Learning was formed with an objective to make students view Mathematics and Entrepreneurship from a concept point-of-view rather than a traditional score-fetching point of view. The company aims to make Mathematics a fun-filled subject to learn, through interactive indoor and outdoor games. Dinasim Learning believes in Outcome Based Education (OBE) Experience, which helps students grasp the concepts of Mathematics beyond textbooks.

    In email interview Divesh discussed more about his organisation and future plans. Here are the excerpts-

    What does Dinasim mean? Why you chose ‘Dinamsim’ as your organisation’s name?

    The word – Dinasim was derived from the initials of my family members, this was derived when I was 14 years old and ever since then had decided to start my venture with this name.

    How many workshops do you conduct in a month?

    On an Average 15-18 sessions per month across all our schools based in India, UAE and Nepal.

    How do you differentiate your offerings from your competitors?

    Our workshops are based on offline games and promote a subconscious learning approach. In our student workshops, we design games complementing the curriculum, whereas for teachers, we curate strategies on how they can gamify Mathematics using existing material in the schools. This eliminates the need of heavy investment from school in these games. Instead, the schools can invest this capital on upgrading the skill sets of their teachers. Thus in the long run, all three benefit – Student with better understanding of the subject, Teachers with improved skill sets and Schools as the overall school performance improves.

    What is your organisation’s strength?

    Our strength lies in Gamification of any concept. We initially started with gamifying Mathematics alone. Later, we expanded into entrepreneurship and data analysis. Now we are working on
    developing modules for corporate establishments like training of Sales teams, Team building exercises etc. These modules include a range of games which bring forth the hidden creativity and help inculcate a creative mindset in employees.

    What are your next five years plans?

    We plan to expand in several Asian nations, like Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Gulf nations and establish our brand as an innovation partner which focuses on developing the right mix of human intervention with a pinch of technology.

    Any plan to raise funds?

    Will be evaluating options as we are ready for expansion and to explore new markets.