Datamatics launches its flexible work platform:Wakency

Datamatics launches its flexible work platform:Wakency

Mumbai:December: Wakency is India’s first on-demand platform for flexible work opportunitiesthat looks to capitalize on the open talent economy,commonly known as the gig economy, and aims to democratise the Indian job market using new age technology.

Today’s job market is full of contractors, consultants, freelancers, and subject matter experts who are increasingly seeking flexible models of employment. Ola & Uber drivers enjoy similar flexibility with their work and the trend of flexible working which includes part time jobs, freelance gigs and short-term opportunities is evolving further to professionals across industries.

Many professionals turn to flexible workingon a part time basis to boost their income with after-hours gigs, others choose to work flexibly as a full time career option to earn more money or achieve greater control over their work life.Most find themselves in these roles since companies/ business houses are beginning to see the value of supplementing their full-time workforce with contract staff.

On-demand staffing is becoming the hottest trend in the job market, with a growing segment of the workforce choosing work-on-demand options over full-time employment.

Online portals for jobs brought about the last big revolution in recruitment almost 20 years ago. Today’s professional social networks act as enablers for introductions and engagement. However, this still leaves large gaps in today’s job market, particularly forrecruiters. Wakencyintroduces the next big innovation by using proprietary technology to make hiring faster,more cost effective and more efficient.

The success of on-demand aggregators across domains, be it in transport(Ola,Uber), personal services (Taskbob, UrbanClap), or even food delivery(Zomato, Swiggy), has set the stage forWakencyto grow this trend of flexible working with a technology platform that can fulfil any short term requirements of  businesses with greaterefficiency.

The growing trends in society of wanting a better work-life balance andincreasing influence of technology on millennialsis leading them to choose unconventional career options whilst seeking freedom in their everyday work.Wakency addresses an ever-growing need for Indian companies to adapt to the ways of the evolving workforce.

Wakencyhas launched its services in Mumbaifocusing onindustrysegments that are massively underserviced and not catered to effectively by online platforms, even though they account for a large workforce and are battling traditional recruitment challenges such as high attrition, low reliability and lack of an adequately skilledororganised workforce. Wakency intends to launch across the country and scale up acrossindustries and domains.

 Datamatics launches its flexible work platform:Wakency


Wakency – The platform features

Digital omni-presence

A mobile app that gives part time employment seekers an intuitive and hassle-free experience to create a FREE profile, specify their work preferences and effortlessly get work requests to choose from.

A web platform makes it convenient for employers to manage their recruitment needs and post work requests to hire the rightcandidates. They can also manage work on-the-go with the mobile app. Employers can have multiple user accounts to allow collaboration between recruitment teams.


A new-age workforce

Also known as the‘Wakeforce’ on Wakency, in which candidates can create upto 9 different work profiles across industries and manage their work on the go. This talent pool has the freedom to chase a multitude of passions and explore numerous skills.


Efficiency with technology

Wakency uses proprietary technology called the “Matchwaker” that uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to effectively match employers and job seekers based on their preferences. This technology enables the platform to automate the process of pairing the two with a turn-around time of 24 hours.


Security and trust

Wakency has a host of special features that enhance security and trust when working using the platform. eSigningof documents reduces cumbersome paperwork to start working sooner. A geofenced digital attendance feature makes managing work hassle-free for employers and workers. The chat and call feature in the mobile application enhances communication between employers and candidates.


The smarter way to work

In India, over a third of the large companies rely on part time or freelance talent. With an eye on overheads, organisations are turning to flexible workers to efficiently get work done while reducing costs.

Candidates on Wakencydon’t need to surf job boards and forums once registered.Work requests will be sent to them on the application based on their preferences. On the other hand, employers enjoy the advantage of a pay-as-you-go model for specific assignments being completed rather than paying the annual CTCs of full-time employees.


AnjuKanodia, Business Head, Wakency, says, “Part time job opportunities and the gig-economy are a global phenomenon and Indian employers are keen to explore better efficiencies with such recruitment strategies. Wakency enables motivated professionals to explore flexible working career options, which brings with it better satisfaction and the opportunity of better pay as well. Employers can offer opportunities across levels and roles in the organisation. They also open themselves up to a larger talent pool, which includes new mothers, homemakers, freshers and retired professionals.  This is definitely the smarter way to get work done!”