A Coffee Table book by Arun Ramamurthy launched

Suvarna Mohur – A Coffee Table book by Arun Ramamurthy launched  

Mumbai/ New Delhi, November 12, 2018 – ‘Suvarna Mohur’, a coffee table book written by Arun Ramamurthy, an experienced banker and founder of Fintech firm Credit Sudhaar has been launched today.

Suvarna Mohur – A Coffee Table book by Arun Ramamurthy launched  

Suvarna Mohur is about coins. It is also about Indian history. Indian coins have a rich heritage spanning more than 2500 years. For its artistic merit, its variety spanning across diverse regions, for its beautiful symbolism and for the legacy it has left on subsequent coinages across various parts of the world, Indian currency ranks as one of the great coinages of the world! Pick any coin and it will have a fascinating story to tell. Indeed, each coin is a silent witness to the ebbs and flows of our beautiful motherland.


Arun Ramamurthy who describes himself as an accidntal numismatist says about ‘Suvarna Mohur’, “The idea of writing ‘Suvarna Mohur’ was motivated by the fact that coins seem to breathe life into seemingly forgotten kingdoms. Often history can seem to be ‘dry’ and the presence of a tangible object belonging to those times lends the period a certain amount of colour. Also, a lot of Indian history, including coin history, tends to have a regional focus and often lacks the interesting displays of interconnectivity between different regions that so uniquely defines the diversity of India.”


An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Arun has had a long and distinguished career as a senior banker. After spending close to 15 years working for top multinational banks, he went on to start his own business in the fast-evolving world of financial technology. Arun is fond of writing and has penned articles on diverse subjects including authoring India’s first book on credit scores. Currently, Arun divides his time between his twin passions: his work in the field of finance and his hobby involving collecting rare Indian coins and exploring Indian history in the context of these coins.

The book is also available on the shelves of select bookstores across the country.


Summary of Suvarna Mohur


Suvarna Mohur is a coffee table book where India’s history is expressed through a different perspective – it’s rare coins. Coins provide not only evidence of trade and economy, but also bear testimony to the history, politics, and art of a nation.

Suvarna Mohur traces India’s history from the time the first coins were minted about 2500 years ago. Our political landscape has changed significantly from century to century with each successive period enriching our ancient civilization and making it a more diverse country than it ever has been. Such diversity is also reflected in India’s coinage. Our coins range from punch-marked types to rather uniquely shaped octagonal ones; from the world’s largest coins to the smallest ones; from coins used for everyday transactions to much sought after ones that were often used as jewellery, from resplendent gold coins to the more ubiquitous copper varieties, India’s coins are not just a collector’s delight but also serve to illuminate our magnificent culture. The remarkable history of an epoch appears to spring to life when viewed in conjunction with the coinage representing that era.

Suvarna Mohur, while charting India’s history over the millennia, presents a bouquet of 133 rare coins which, in the author’s opinion, are best illustrative of our country’s antiquity, ethos, and traditions.