Travel Trends You Need to Know


    Done with your mundane life? Craving for new experiences and challenges?  Travelling is the best solution for you. It enables you to push yourself to new limits and get out of your comfort zone. Once you start exploring new places and meeting new people, you will know how resourceful you are actually.

    Travel trends keep on changing year on year. Every year something new is introduced to the list.

    Here’s is the list of new travel trends that you will come across in the year 2018.

    1. Glamping & Voluntarism

    Working professionals have to agree that the 17 long weekends of 2018 have an excellent appetite for quick getaways and short breaks from their city. Glamorous camping, also known as glamping, is off-site camping with many luxurious settings that will give you the warmth of your home while being fancy like a hotel.

    On the other hand, Voluntary Tourism, also known as voluntarism, lets you indulge in community-driven activities with native people, thereby adding a greater perspective to volunteering. This vacation is popularising among parents as it allows them to take their children on an ethics-rich getaway. All the more, voluntourism is initiated by many standardised agencies and are a big hit with students as well.

    1. Women Travel Groups & Solo Travel

    Women are no longer taking themselves lightly. They make sure they indulge in activities that bring contentment to their soul. As more and more women are living their lives independently, they no more worry about the orthodox thinking of the society. Hence, an increase in all women travel groups will be seen this year.

    Over the past five years, there has been an increase of 40% in solo passengers on group trips. Travel companies are now creating catered products to not only accommodate but also celebrate the free spirit of single travellers.

    1. Culinary Trips with a Cultural Twist

    These days more and more people are getting concerned about the quality of the food they eat. People are experimenting and developing their taste buds to adapt the exotic cuisines and flavours of different cultures.

    What’s better than having a vacation geared around culinary experiences and food festivals? A perfect twist of festivity with scrumptious flavours of cuisines will definitely make your mundane culinary tour fun and exciting. Also, local markets visits, food and wine tasting, and participatory festival dish preparation sessions are gaining popularity day by day.

    1. Rejuvenate Through Wellness Trips

    Leading a healthy and active life is quite difficult in the present era. Our fast-paced life doesn’t allow us to devote more time towards our health and wellness. Hence wellness trips are gaining momentum where several rejuvenation programmes are performed to get results like weight loss, overall glow, and stress busting.

    People are also indulging in active outdoor activities that help them improve their physical and emotional well-being. On the other hand, new hotels and resorts promise their guests a wellness vacation with spa treatments, yoga, exercise and more.

    1. Extreme Adventure

    Mixing adventurous chills with travelling is the latest trends. To take a break from their mundane life, people are becoming thrill seekers. They look forward to having a vacation that gets their adrenaline pumping and their heart beating out loud.

    The tourism industry is catching up with the latest travel trends. Adventures like bungee jumping, wingsuit jumping, skydiving, and mountain expeditions push your travel boundaries with extreme adventures in style.



    1. Cruising, Destination-Centric Celebrations & Romantic Getaways

    Make time for love and leisure! Cruising industry is getting a massive facelift. Ships are getting equipped with amenities once thought unimaginable. Ditch your regular flight trips and enjoy a luxurious stay on the blue ocean. Plan for a multi-generation trip where you can take your children and your parents together. Cruises are amazingly comfortable for every generation, and hence they are gaining popularity by one and all.

    Imagine Titanic’s signature pose – don’t you want to pose similarly with your partner in the open sky? Cruises are perfect for romantic getaways as well. In a single trip and your partner can touch down several cities and their beautiful destinations.

    Don’t just note down these options or take a screenshot. Sit down and plan an itinerary right now! Book the flights and hotel rooms. Buy a travel insurance policy and get going. Your travel insurance will take care of the entire emergency situations so that you can enjoy to the fullest on your much-awaited vacation.