Alliance TracPRO tyres –’Made in India, Made for India’

Alliance TracPROtyres –'Made in India, Made for India'
India ,August 2018: Alliance TracPRO tyres, from the house of ATG, are fast moving towards becoming the tyres of choice of tractor owners across India.  The success of TracPRO rear and front tractor tyres can be attributed to its specific design which has been made keeping in mind the Indian farmer’s needs and Indian agricultural conditions.


Alliance TracPRO tyres –’Made in India, Made for India’

The automation and mechanisation of farms have seen a huge rise in the last few years and has been responsible for increasing yield across the country. Tractors constitute over 80 per cent of the total number of agricultural equipment sold in India. With more than 6,00,000 tractors being sold in 2017, there is an increased demand for ‘India’ specific tyres.

 In less than two years of its launch, Alliance TracPro tyres have found traction within the Indian tractor sector due to its incredible performance in the field as well as on the road. “With the superior performance of TracPRO tyres, we are sure to address the unique needs of the Indian market where tractors are often used on the road almost as much as in the fields. Our decades of expertise in the international markets and insights about the domestic market have given us the understanding to develop technologically superior tyres in the category,” says Mr Angelo Noronha, President – APAC & MEA.

With the ATG network of 300 super dealers in more than 20 states in India, TracPRO tyres are now readily available to meet the growing needs of the Indian agricultural sector.

About TracPRO R-1 (348)- Tractor Rear Tyre

The tyre boasts of a multi-angled tread pattern that ensures superior grip and riding comfort, more rubber in the centre for long tire life, additional nylon belt for better impact resistance and a special stubble protection compound that ensures puncture and damage resistance. TracPRO R-1 (348) comes in 6 sizes 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, 16.9-30 and 18.4-30. Thus offering the full range of rear tires popular in Indian market.

TracPRO F-2 (303) – Tractor Front Tyre

There are two offerings under this pattern, a 3 Rib one suitable for dry conditions and a Multi-Rib one for wet soil conditions. Both these tyres offer high traction, better driving comfort and long life due to a special stubble protection compound. TRacPRO F-2 (303) comes in three sizes 6.00-16, 7.50-16 and 6.50-20.