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The VoIP(Pigeon) services
provided by MTNL Delhi has closed on 15.01.2013 
2400 Hrs.

MTNL is providing VoIP Services to the Broadband Customers in association with M/S Aksh Optifibre Limited.

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 Booking of VoIP connection :

The booking of new VoIP connection will be done at 1500/26990000, Sanchar Haats in the Area and through website.
The service will initially be on Prepaid basis only


 Two new plans have been launched for  VOIP
services  as given below:- 

1.  For Existing Landline users with Broadband     

a.  Registration and installation
charges                              : Rs  100/-

b.  Monthly service 
charge                                              : Rs  200/-

c.  Free  SIP  to  SIP
call                                                 : 1000  minutes

d.  International dialing with Prepaid card 

2. For Existing landline users without

a.  Registration and installation
charges                               : Rs  100/-

b.  Monthly service 
charge                                               : * Rs  200/-

c.  Free  SIP  to  SIP
call                                                  : 1000  minutes

d.  International dialing with Prepaid card

e.  No  Broadband access to subscribers.

* monthly service charge of Rs 200/-
 includes modem charge as well as ATA charges

Note : If a subscriber takes broadband connection in future ,
there shall not be any registration, installation or
security charges for modem, however  monthly charges of modem will be taken.

There will be no upfront
payment for ATA  for both the plans

Others terms and conditions
will remain the same as per existing plan B(VOIP 200) .

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