Global IT giant Pactera enters Indian market with Hyderabad office

Global IT giant Pactera enters Indian market with Hyderabad office

Hyderabad, August, 2018: Globally renowned Pactera Technologies India Private Limited has set foot in the Indian Subcontinent with inaugurating its office in Hyderabad at iSprout Business Centret in Purva Summit, Hitech City on August 22. Pactera Technologies India Private Limited is a trusted consulting and technology service partner with proven global capabilities & over 30,000 employees worldwide committed to delivering Digital-themed consulting, Product & Digital Platform Engineering Services, IT implementations and Operations services to our global customers.

Global IT giant Pactera enters Indian market with Hyderabad office

Pactera creates business value for Fortune 500 companies by accelerating business innovation, enabling new growth, improving operational efficiency and transforming the user experience. Pactera Technologies after establishing its phenomenal hold across the globe in various continents decided to set foot in the Indian subcontinent.

The Hyderabad office of Pactera Technologies reflects its strategic focus on becoming an industry leading provider of IT services on a global scale. The grand new office can seat 150 people in phase 1 and additional 300 people in phase 2. The abundant talent that is currently part of Pactera would help contribute much more to the digital and innovation world, which would also help them grow to 3000 people organization in the next 2-3 years.

Pactera seeks to grow further in the coming months by adding workforce in the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Block Chain, Cognitive Capabilities, and Security Compliance. In addition, the leadership team in United States of America, Europe, APAC, and China are looking forward to expanding the relationship with India team by introducing more clients and partners to the services provided from here.

Venkat Rangapuram, SVP & GM (North America, Europe & IDC)

“Pactera seeks to further expand its India presence in the coming months. The talent here is outstanding and we are looking forward to expanding our relationships and introducing more clients and partners to our services as we scale operations. We are excited about moving into this new facility and growing our presence. India is a market with enormous potential, and now has become a key geography for Pactera. Our attractive new office facilities are equipped to encourage creativity in our employees and increase working efficiency.”

Narayan Murthy, VP & Country Head India Delivery & Innovation Center

“Pactera India will not only become a delivery hub that will connect customers from US, Europe, APAC, Australia, and China to provide a truly ‘follow the sun model “delivery, but also will be an Innovative centre focusing on latest technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, Cognitive capabilities etc. We aspire to be a 2000 people company by 2020 focusing purely on digital technologies”.

Dinesh Chandrasekar, Vice President Solutions & Platform Innovation

“Our Grand new office is equipped to inspire the creativity & innovation in our employees. Pactera plans to provide winning edge Technology Services and Digital Transformation solutions & service offerings to our clients worldwide, making the India Delivery Centre a major hub for innovation & solutions in the field of Engineering, Digitalisation, Globalisation and Emerging Technologies, in short, we call it as “EDGE “Service & Solution offerings”.